Lots of things happening around me in addition to it being that time of the semester when it seems like everything is due at the same time, and all the exams are just around the corner…So what has been happening..

1. Well, I have to submite financial aid applications, which are a blood pain i tell you. So many things to do, and so many stuff to sort out and get from hom

2. Indemnity forms for SEP –  to be signed and sent back by parents, so need to keep checking on the status of that regularly.

3. DUO award application for SEP – whether i will get it or not doesn’t really matter. Its just worth a try i guess. But it involves alot of document processing, and essay writing…sigh

4. Photocomm treasury stuff – time for final claims, and thus alot of forms to be filled up, and statement of accounts done up and such.

5. Family day – it was yesterday, and i spent the whole day there..Was tired out at the end of it. But then again, went out with part of Photocomm (EH, Scoops, Jun Ghai and Choon Han), and treated myself to a good meal for the amount i have been working myself out for the last few days.

6. Well, then there have been those hall events, which i’ve been involved in as part of the audience etc…like 77 days, Blk B concert and such. There’s also Appreciation Dinner coming up, but after that i guess hall stuff for the year will die down, at least for a while, and i will have to get into hardcore mugging – been kinda like evading the studying part of life what with all the projects and hall stuff happening.

7. Internship applications – They are a real pain. You spend like such a long time on cover letters and then submit them through the stupid BBA talent edge portal (stupid for the simple reason that the resume that i can fit into one MS word page cannot be fitted into one thru the portal) – and you still don’t get any replies from them. Don’t get called for interviews..and worst of all, you can only have 4 applications at one time thru the portal – so u cant really apply for a whole load at once also..

Anyways, i have to finish up my essay, and edit my OM report, and submit a cover letter, and do up some slide designs for our presentation. So i guess i’ll HAVE to start now…sigh


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