In Sri Lanka

When you buy something for someone, something not too expensive such as a cup of coffee/lunch, you generally tend to refuse to accept payment from them. Its a form of friendship, respect, and love. You may actually want/need the money, but u still refuse to accept payment until either they force it on you, or resign to not paying,

 In Singapore

You always ASK for money for the money from your friends etc for whatever you bought them. Well, for me, its cos stuff ehre are much more expensive than back at home, but then again, sometimes, i wish i wouldn’t do it…

In Sri Lanka

There’s always much better things to do rather than cut class and mug in the library/sleep such as hang out with friends at MC/queens etc, go for a movie, play cricket..or just do something totally fun

In Singapore

If you don’t go for classes, you either catch up on lost sleep, or mug in the library for some test or the other

In Sri Lanka

Concerts (by famous artistes/bands) start at 9:30/10p.m and last till 1:00/2:00a.m.

In Singapore

Concerts end  by 1o:30pm

In Sri Lanka

A dinner and dance is a really fun event. Does not involve pre-nominated pageant contestants, but rather they are nominated at the DnD itself, and then chosen then and there. There’s always dance involved, after all the fashion shows etc, and this goes on till atleast 1:00 am.

In Singapore

A dinner and dance is just an event to dress up. There are pre nominated pageant contestants, and one couple is chosen as the winner. There is generally no dancing involved although the name specifically indicates that there should be one.

In Sri Lanka

Just cos a girl and a guy hangout/sit next to each other/Dance together/Hug etc does NOT mean they are a couple. And just cos you are a couple doesn’t mean you always hold hands.

In Singapore

It usually means they are a couple. If you are seen hanging out with some guy, he is deemed to be your boyfriend. Most of the time here, you are always holding your significant other’s hands when around him/her.

These are just some basic differences that come to my mind between the culture of both countries..there could be many more..but i dont seem to remember many at the moment:D


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