The week before final exams every sem is labelled as “reading week” in NUS…and technically it is for studying for the finals.

Well Studying refers to revising their notes for the umpteenth time, and yet feeling stressed out for those people called “dean’s listers”, whilst for many others, it refers to looking at their notes for the first time, wondering what on earth those mathematical symbols u have never come across before mean and getting stressed out over how you are going to finish up understanding and learning all those “new” concepts and passing the exams..

But for many (I’m not talking about the abnormal dean’slisters here), reading week is about much more than just scratching their heads over those lecture notes that are yet to be looked at…It’s about

  • Excessive msning – there’s no better time than this man..seriously
  • Facebooking – seriously go look at people’s news feeds…they are the most active during reading weeks
  • Blog reactivations – dead blogs come alive during reading week, and some even start their own blogs during this time’
  • Catch up on sleep – you have been sleep deprived the whole semester due to your workload – JCRC, chairpersons, committee members, training, band practices, suppers, running away from ponding sessions, gossip sessions, taboo sessions, mahjong etc, and then after it all quietly dies down (atleast the first part), you know that now’s the time to get that beauty sleep of yours
  • Pig out – hey, exams are in a week, and your are not stressed out with the excessive amount of *studying* you are doing, you deserve to eat alot!
  • Discover scandals – what better time to find out who is studying with who in which corner of the library..
  • Travelling – This is especially true of those angmohs on exchange

and the best part is, to do all this, you have to camp out in some library to show off to the NUS population that you are actually procastrinating studying!!!!



  1. Prageeth Thoradeniya said,

    April 25, 2008 at 12:47 am

    ohoma karala thamai matath boot eka wadune. 😀

  2. Adrian said,

    April 27, 2008 at 3:35 pm

    At least it’s not called reading “break” like in our university…

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