All’s well that ends well

Yeah i know i wasn’t going to blog about this, but oh well, i’ve decided i have to!

I S/U’d my Financial Markets for the simple reason that the grades i got for my other 4 modules were just too good to be ruined by this one module. Ok, so not like my grades for the other 4 are like Dean’s lister grades, but they are arite:)…and good enough to keep me happy:)

All’s well that ends well:)


Semester Round up!

I generally wait for the results to come out before a round up of the sem, but this time around have decided to do it before..simply cos i for some reason don’t wanna blog abt results this time around..I’m actually living in denial about the existence of friday this week…

I started off the sem after a good break at home filled with the love and warmth of family, friends, good food and cheap shopping! It was an amazing break, and to leave them and come back to Singapore was ofcourse sad, but then again, it gave me the perfect motivation to start off the sem..

Once i got to Singapore everything was just ever so hectic, what with IHG going on (thus cheering, and taking photos for photocomm), the Sheares bazaar was just around the corner, Sheares Production rehearsals took up most of the evenings and JCRC/SCRC added more to it!!! To add on, school started with module bidding, as always, taking a toll on our lives…Hall definitely dominated my life then (actually throughout the sem too), with the very few lectures i went to being used up for catching up on sleep lost due to hall commitment…

Infusion was the first major event of this sem – and due to the heavy hall commitments, i did not participate in International Students night, though the i did help out at the infusion bazaar…alot of camwhoring was involved, and so was alot of attention..because almost all the guys who came in to our booth claimed that Sri Lankan girls are the hottest ever *blush*..and we even have proof…go read the guest book:P

CNY break came, followed by a whole stream of midterms (4/5 with one of them even being like 40%!!!), and it was druing this time that the Sheares bazaar was held too…and thus i was totally drained out then..alot of people, and my clothes showed me the amount of weight i had lost then..but when the bazaar was over, and that too successfully, there was nothing more that i could have asked for thanks to my wonderful comm, my vice chair, and my directors, Winson and Karen, and ofcourse all those others who supported me in one way or the other…

As soon as the bazaar was over, and the mid term galore was history, there came Sheares Production (wind in the willows)…daily rehearsals became a norm, seeing the cast talk to themselves or to their mirrors in their rooms was not surprising, and calling each other by our roles became normal (people still call me us rabbits, Toad, Badger and what not!)…This has to be the most amazing SP ever what with such a big cast, a full house for all 3 shows, and the astounding reviews that came after! The 3 days in the dressing rooms were also experiences of a life time – and they were easily the very best moments of SP – ok so maybe the audience applause at the end of the whole show could have been a good competitor..but nevertheless, bursting/camwhoring/talking cock/ rocked!!! And kudos to ChoonHan and team for an amazing show, and for giving us an rocking experience!

After SP came all the higher end hall stuff like points issues and such…and at the same time came the time to start frequenting the biz library to catch up on all the work..and this time around the hours spent at the library were actually excessive to the extent that i actually made some good friends from the Niron, Colin (well, not really – he was in global marketing with me), Nicholas, Jasmine, hasvani and so on….

Alot of Birthdays came about in that time span, and so that meant alot of cakes, celebration, and memories…but also alot of money busting!

As the end of the sem got closer and closer, the hardcore mugging began – and this time, i studied like never before…i guess alot of previous blogposts are talk about this, so i shall not elaborate..but the exams came and went…and the library has been sorely missed ever seriously, i miss the people, the inside jokes, the “lets be mean to niron” sessions, the library aunties, the mocha freeze – basically the atmosphere there itself! (Muggers United – this para is a dedication to u for acutally adding enthusiasm into studying…<3)

And with that came the summer hols – and the internship..working at e27 now – its a startup located at teh incubator….and its alot of fun – in the way that i am learning a whole load of things, and in the way that the people there are really fun to hang around with! A separate post on internship/summer hols will be up at the end of the expect more on this then..

But all in all, i guess its been my most stressful/most enjoyable/most value adding semester in NUS so far! And although my results tmrw are extremely critical for me, i have decided that its not worth getting stressed over…cos after all, its the experience and friendships that i gained during the sem that matter the most!

Just a day away!

Well, i am in denial about there being a Friday this week, and in denial about actually being able to view those dreaded letters we get for a whole sem’s work tomorrow! I have decided that i am not going to look at those pathetic not tmrw..nor on saturday..nor the day after….nor….

I’m just gonna forget about it, and go out on a Friday night…if whenever i get the courage to tcheck them, those letters seem to be the ones that i like, then i would take Friday night to be one of celebration. If not, well then Friday night happened so that i can drown my self in sorrow!

The Terng/Iron man affair

Well, i woke up with some terrible news today, but it was not a bad day after was definitely not bad considering lunch was at Crystal Jade, and took more than an hour)…and the movie did meet expectations – I was actually considering bailing out on the movie after i hear chani’s news, but i’m glad i went, for 2 reasons – Iron man was a good watch (does NOT beat Transformers though), and i hung out with Terng.

Terng Shing Chen is an arse..and absolute corky arse! But oh, hanging out with him can be so much fun, simply cos all he ever does is insult you in the funniest possible way (and we’ve learnt that Terng’s insults are not to be considered seriously, actaully u don’t even have to give it a 2nd thought), and argue with you over the stupidest possible things..

So let me tell u what our first words were…and the scenario it was set in..
It was my first ever 2night trip with guys..we were like in what grade 9 (ie Form 4) then..We prefects were on a trip on the North of Sri Lanka..and Terng was on of those prefects..but we all considered him to be the Nerd of all nerds then…and suddenly he came and sat down next to me…and i was at a loss for words, cos i didn’t know how to start a conversation with such a nerd…then

Terng: So umm ummm (yeah he didn’t even know my name properly then)
Me: its NIthiya
Terng: Ah yeah Nithiya, so whats ur CUP size?
Me:*whatthefuckdidujustsay* + *freakingflabberlyoverflabbergasted* look on my face..

and so that was how he officially introduced himself to me, and how i got to know that Nerd and Terng do not belong in the same sentence…and his corkiness, and stupidity have not gone down one bit! he is just as useless as he used to be!

He kept pestering Lassie and me about our cupsizes, about buying him free drinks, about taking photos of our cleavages..and i don’t know what other nonsense!

In the end he just concluded our outing by stating, “that we were useless cos we refused to give him our cupsizes!

And my conclusion: Terng is an arse! Going out today was good…esp cos it helped me take my mind off things:)

Dedicated to Chani

Chani’s dad passed away last night, and i heard about it today morning. Yes only today morning.

And  i don’t know how to react – I am so not the person who is good at sympathizing when such stuff happens, for the simple reason that i do not know what to say, cos anything i say does not seem to be appropriate…And now i am away from home, and so i really have to say something when i call her..I know if i was at home, a big warm hug would have made her feel so much better, but now i really dont know what i can tell her when i call her…its all like so awkward

But i genuinely am damn sad, and sorry for her…after all, she’s been one of my bestest buddies since like grade 6, and this has somehow affected me very badly…maybe even more than what happened when Haritha himself passed away – With him, i had gotten very close to him, when he passed away, but then again, i don’t even know if i will ever meet his mum again. But with Chani, i will be seeing her whenever i go back and stuff, and then it will always be in my mind!

Anyways, Chani whenever you read this, remember, i love you, and will always be there for you:). Don’t worry girlie – be strong and things will be arite soon enough..Hugzz from singapore:)

Ignorance is bliss

What you don’t know isn’t going to hurt you in anyway,

And thats why growing up sucks!

Coming up soon (when i have the inspiration to write a long post), more on growing up…and why i think it sucks!

Australian, 12, cleared for sex change

Australian, 12, cleared for sex change SYDNEY – A 12-YEAR-OLD Australian girl has been allowed to begin the first phase of a sex change after a judge decided it was in the best interests of the child, reports said.

The unnamed girl has begun hormone treatment to block puberty after the family court judge accepted an application from her mother for her to begin to reassign her gender, the Sunday Herald-Sun reported.

The judge said that while the initial treatment was reversible, it needed to be seen as the first step in a process which, if continued, would allow the child to live as a male.

‘In my view, and on all the evidence, the treatment is in his (the child’s) best interests,’ the judgement said.

During a hearing in December, the court heard that the 12-year-old had thought of herself as a boy since the age of four.

Several medical experts, including a psychiatrist, backed the sex-change application, as did an independent lawyer for the child and a family counsellor.

However, the child’s father could not accept that the girl had always seen herself as a boy and opposed the sex-change decision in part because of her young age, the court was told.

But the court said it needed to act quickly to prevent the onset of puberty as the girl dreaded the prospect of menstruation and developing breasts, the Sunday Herald-Sun said.

Further court applications must be made at a later stage if the child wants to take the process further and deepen her voice or develop facial hair.

Surgery to remove the womb and ovaries or build a penis cannot be done before the age of 18.

The court ruled that the 12-year-old can now apply for a new birth certificate and passport in a boy’s name. — AFP

Read this on today’s strait times online, and i don’t really know what to think of it..

And also, what would judges in Singapore have done in this situation, and what would have happened if a judge had given the same verdict here?


After i started the e27 internship, i seriously think my coffee shop/cafe/whatever you want to call it, will become a reality..

Just had a night out at supposedly the ex Singapore’s fastest runner’s place…was invited there by Mohan from work…and was jointly org by Vinod, Shaam and Mohan…It was fun to see ex tutors drunk and women superly high in a super nice condo, with a supercool clock, and other such decorations…and best of all, to be the one enjoying all of it without any sign of even tipsiness despite certain things we gulped down:)..

I think its turning out to be the best summer ever..and i hope next sem will continue to be the best sem ever also:P

A new addition to the family:D

I have a new niece….my cousin’s got a baby girl who is now 3 days old…awwwwww:) I can’t wait to see pix…:D

And on another note, exams are OVER!!!!! And I’m happier than usual this time around!! Yayness!! I can’t wait to get started on all those things i wanted to do for soo long!!!!!!

Wednesday come faster!!!

I’ve hit the peak i think…I was so lethargic, and unproductive today..

Probably cos all i wanna do now is get the exams done and over with…

Although i am pretty jobless after the exams…no internships YET…

And the father told me that if i were to come to SL, i should abandon the idea of an internship there..

Security situation, and thus no travelling alone was his reasoning…grrrrr…

Anyways, let me stop complaining, and wish my beloved mum a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! I LOVE U AMMA! U ARE THE BESTEST MUM EVER..MWAAAAAAHHHHHH

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