Dedicated to Chani

Chani’s dad passed away last night, and i heard about it today morning. Yes only today morning.

And  i don’t know how to react – I am so not the person who is good at sympathizing when such stuff happens, for the simple reason that i do not know what to say, cos anything i say does not seem to be appropriate…And now i am away from home, and so i really have to say something when i call her..I know if i was at home, a big warm hug would have made her feel so much better, but now i really dont know what i can tell her when i call her…its all like so awkward

But i genuinely am damn sad, and sorry for her…after all, she’s been one of my bestest buddies since like grade 6, and this has somehow affected me very badly…maybe even more than what happened when Haritha himself passed away – With him, i had gotten very close to him, when he passed away, but then again, i don’t even know if i will ever meet his mum again. But with Chani, i will be seeing her whenever i go back and stuff, and then it will always be in my mind!

Anyways, Chani whenever you read this, remember, i love you, and will always be there for you:). Don’t worry girlie – be strong and things will be arite soon enough..Hugzz from singapore:)


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