The Terng/Iron man affair

Well, i woke up with some terrible news today, but it was not a bad day after was definitely not bad considering lunch was at Crystal Jade, and took more than an hour)…and the movie did meet expectations – I was actually considering bailing out on the movie after i hear chani’s news, but i’m glad i went, for 2 reasons – Iron man was a good watch (does NOT beat Transformers though), and i hung out with Terng.

Terng Shing Chen is an arse..and absolute corky arse! But oh, hanging out with him can be so much fun, simply cos all he ever does is insult you in the funniest possible way (and we’ve learnt that Terng’s insults are not to be considered seriously, actaully u don’t even have to give it a 2nd thought), and argue with you over the stupidest possible things..

So let me tell u what our first words were…and the scenario it was set in..
It was my first ever 2night trip with guys..we were like in what grade 9 (ie Form 4) then..We prefects were on a trip on the North of Sri Lanka..and Terng was on of those prefects..but we all considered him to be the Nerd of all nerds then…and suddenly he came and sat down next to me…and i was at a loss for words, cos i didn’t know how to start a conversation with such a nerd…then

Terng: So umm ummm (yeah he didn’t even know my name properly then)
Me: its NIthiya
Terng: Ah yeah Nithiya, so whats ur CUP size?
Me:*whatthefuckdidujustsay* + *freakingflabberlyoverflabbergasted* look on my face..

and so that was how he officially introduced himself to me, and how i got to know that Nerd and Terng do not belong in the same sentence…and his corkiness, and stupidity have not gone down one bit! he is just as useless as he used to be!

He kept pestering Lassie and me about our cupsizes, about buying him free drinks, about taking photos of our cleavages..and i don’t know what other nonsense!

In the end he just concluded our outing by stating, “that we were useless cos we refused to give him our cupsizes!

And my conclusion: Terng is an arse! Going out today was good…esp cos it helped me take my mind off things:)


1 Comment

  1. Terng Shing said,

    August 19, 2008 at 3:35 am

    lady… wtf… seriously…. u are aware this comes up on searches for my name… i believe there is such a thing as using pseudnyms and also, i don’t know, not writing about it…
    and for clarification, i did not pester u and that woman. I was bored, this is my way of escaping boredom… god i hate u.

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