Soul mate?

I love the people around me –  the people i call family and friends.

They are fun loving, make me enjoy myself and feel happy, give me inspiration and enthusiasm, help me forget alot of things i want to erase off my mind, and most of all, make me feel loved. I now am realy grateful for being the person who is extremely careful for choosing the correct people to be her friends, and also am grateful for somehow having a really great family behind me, encouraging and supporting me at all times!

But sometimes, i feel the void, the missing part – the fact that i don’t have that one person with me – that one person who will hold my hands, look me in the eye, and kiss me. That one person who will hold me in his arms and tell me he loves me, and really mean it. That one person who will not just tell people, “hey, she’s my girl”, but also surprise me with all sorts of things, be it a surprise visit, or a real fancy dinner filled with candles and roses. That one person who will be able to laugh with me, quarrel with me, tease me, get teased by me, and have fun with me. That one person who does not take me for granted. That one person who looks beyond my looks, my color and my race. That one person who really truly loves me, and who i really truly can love back.

Everytime, i land across this potential person, he is either already attached, not interested in me, ends up becoming a really good friend of mine (stopping me from taking us further), or ends up taking me for granted!

And then i wonder if this is because i am just to friendly and outgoing, that everyone regards me as just a friend, and does not seem to think that i maybe interested in them…or whether it is because i have high standards when i look for someone..but then again, i don’t think i am really looking for alot right – I’m not looking for one of those fairy tale Princes definitely; rather someone i can connect with, and enjoy my time with…i guess..


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