Stupid wars! And great friends!

Me: Once i give in the docs for my visa, i will roughly know how long they are going to take to give it to me, so then i will book my tickets to Sri Lanka.

Mum: You are coming home?

Me: Yeah, before i fly off to Hungary.

Mum: No, i think you should fly off from Singapore

Me: Yeah, i’ll come home for about 10 days, go back to Singapore, and fly from there

Mum: No, no need to come home.

Me: What@!$@!#%

Mum: yeah, the situation is soo bad…that i don’t want you to come home. I feel so much happier knowing that you are safe there.

Me: But i dont feel happy knowing that u are unsafe there. And, anyways, if i have to die today, i will die…so makes no difference

Mum: Don’t give me that speech ok..

So after some more arguing, and cursing the stupid war, i ended off the argument with her by stating

“I have a return ticket back home. I’m coming back. If you want, you can come and pick me from the airport. Otherwise, I’ll take a bus back” (for those of you who are ignorant about the happenings in SL, most of the recent bombings have been in buses/public transport, so i figured this is a perfect mechanism to make my mum agree to me coming home)

But on a more serious tone..i now seriously wonder if i will be going home anytime in the next one year or so:(..I miss my parents…my friends…and my country…but will the stupid war ever allow me to go back home?


On another note, I’m glad i spoke to you, and cleared things out. It feels good..really good. And also, you are a great friend! Life’s so much more happier with people like you in my life…Thanks:)


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