My French Guy Theory

Yes, i do have my own theory on French guys. And this theory of mine states that

“French guys are into me”

No, it’s no joke. I think it’s for real.

There are 3 episodes to illustrate this.

1. Some time ago, i was studying in the BTC library, and there was this HOT Foreign dude studying there as well. Judging by my text book/calculators etc, any random guy could have figured that I’m definitely not a law student. And i’m sure he did too. BUT yet, he came up to me, and asked me to read through his assignment, and see whether there were any grammatical errors etc. Well, when you are not from law, and the whole essay is just filled with jargon and sentence formations that only lawyers understand, you can’t really check for errors now, can you. So i explained that to him. But he dint seem to care. So well, hot dude…seated with me…talking to me..why would i refuse..i helped him too! A very productive 1.5 hrs that was for me:)..Eyecandy at its best!

2. The Business Library (yeah yeah, once again the library…i think i spend more time there than anywhere else during the sem). So i was seated in one corner of the 1st level cos i was too lazy to walk to level 3 (which is my corner), and then this guy comes up to me randomly and asks me something about the printer. I mean, he was using the comp, and the library was extremely crowded then…so why does he have to come all the way to that tiny lil corner to ask me that question, when he could have very easily asked any other person around.

3. The MRT. Last week enroute to plaza sing. I was just seated in the compartment, when an ang moh guy sat next to me. And the next thing you know, he was talking to me. And he was French too. The conversation continued till he got off at Clark Quay!! And there, just before he got off, he turned towards me..complimented my clothes, and asked me to look for him on facebook!

See doesn’t it prove the point??? Irish men are hot ofcourse, but French men are hot too..and they seem to think i’m attractive too…so all the more reason right?



  1. `eunice said,

    June 14, 2008 at 12:13 am

    hahahaha how do you know they are french =p =p

  2. June 14, 2008 at 4:24 am

    hahah…they tell me during our conversation…:P

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