Sick Bastards!!!

Taken from today’s Straits Times

US Marine expelled over YouTube video of puppy being thrown HONOLULU –

THE Marine Corps is expelling one Marine and disciplining another for their roles in a video showing a Marine throwing a puppy off a cliff while on patrol in Iraq.

The 17-second video posted on YouTube drew sharp condemnation from animal rights groups when it came to light in March.

The clip shows two Marines joking before one hurls the puppy into a rocky gully. A yelping sound is heard as it flips through the air.

Marine Corps Base Hawaii said in a news release Wednesday that Lance Cpl David Motari received unspecified ‘non-judicial punishment’ and ‘is being processed for separation’ from the Marine Corps.

The second Marine, Sgt Crismarvin Banez Encarnacion also received unspecified ‘non-judicial’ punishment. — AP

Sickness to the max! I actually watched the video after that just to see how sick they were! It was unbearable!!! Bastards! Now i’m totally sickened out!!!!


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