As i lie awake

As i lie awake, tired and sleepy, the thoughts that fill my head just prevent me from dozing off to dreamland… All sorts of random thoughts, from stuff to do with SEP, to E27 to home… I think i’ve been too involved in just some things, and have neglected everything else for the past few weeks… and now i realize that these things that i’ve neglected need more than alot of attention from me..and that’s where things come almost crashing down!

Somehow, right now, everything seems to be a mess. I’ve been feeling quite depressed for the last few days..and somehow its not for any apparent reason! There’s no concentration in everything i do! Even my photoshop seems to have backed out on me!

I feel lost and lonely. I don’t know why. All i know is it’s definitely not because people around me don’t care. They definitely do, alot more than i think they do!

Maybe it’s because i’m scared to admit to things, to accept certain things, to let go, and to move on…But i must, if i am to be happier.


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