Last Saturday was “try-to-get-my-phone-fixed” day at Plaza Sing/orchard with Damitha ayya…where he bought a couple of T-shirts…and then, he realized he couldn’t carry the t-shirts to the birthday party he was attending, and so, he asked me to take them back..and promised to collect them from me soon..

And the soon was today (more than a week has passed), and he msged me to get them from me. Somehow, the series of msgs ended up with him inviting me and las over to his place for dinner. And the purpose of this dinner – so that he gets his T-shirts!!!

But what happened in the end – Yours truly very conveniently forgot the T-shirts, and only remembered on the way to his place in the bus!

Now the t-shirts are lying on table in a blue Baleno bag…and i’m sure they are gonna remain there till next weekend, atleast!

But, then again, it would be the perfect opportunity for us to get more of Pavi ayya’s delicious home cooked food! 😛


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