Sometimes i wish things won’t change so much…

You know it was just not my fault..

U were to blame too..


Maybe i should not have hung on so long..

Maybe i should not have looked for that second chance to come along

Maybe i should have just forgotten, and moved on

But i didn’t

Because i couldn’t

And now, i don’t think i ever will be able to..

But i know the time has come..

To really let go..let go of every little bit

All 4.5 years of memories….sweet and bitter both

To really move away

Like what you always do

But its not definitely not

But this time around, i have decided..

Leaving everything behind is what i should do

All the good memories, all the unforgettable ones

All the arguments, all the bitterness…

All the insecurities…small and big..

And so, it’s goodbye..

And this time, its for real!

– Author not disclosed


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