Rata Jaathiya venuven lamai

When one partner is brown, and the other is a Caucasian, or even a Chinese, their kids end up being absolutely gorgeous!! Their skin tone is amazingly beautiful!

And as such, lassie, damitha ayya and myself have come to a conclusion.

We should get married to a Caucasian…and Damitha ayya, ofcourse, has the opportunity to choose btw a Chinese and a Caucasian…(well, lassie and i left out Chinese cos Chinese men and brown girls couples are a rare feature)…

And by getting married to a one, we are actually trying to serve our country, and make our parents happy. Wondering how?

Well you see,

Country – When the kids grow up to teenagers, an young adults, they’ll be damn bloody hot! And they’ll be Sri Lankan in roots! And so Sri Lanka will have a reputation for hot girls and guys – which rocks!

Parents – Come on, which grandparents wouldn’t be happy and proud to have really goodlooking grandchildren now?

So there you see, being the “selfles” ppl we are we are all doing it for the benefit of others, and for no other reason at all!:D


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