Yup, the title is what i am all about!

But yesterday i found out that most of my co-interns at E27 are just as crazy!

We went all the way from Kent Ridge to Bedok for dinner! Bedok 85 was the destination…Bedok Sempkang (hope the spelling’s correct) was where we ended up in after a few minutes of loafing around the closed Bedok 85 hawker centre!

Then, movie marathon time! What with speakers not functioning their best, and movie choosing taking the longest time ever, we still managed to watch 2 movies – and let me tell you, STEP UP 2 rocks justa as much as STEP UP did!

At 4 am, decide to drive to West Coast Park..climbed the pyramid..then had Mac Donalds breakfast!

And embedded in all this were leslie’s random comments, robin’s lack of sleep highness, and robin’s complaints!

I think E27 is a perfect place for me in many ways! I’m gonna miss this place when i leave!


1 Comment

  1. shoutyourlove said,

    June 29, 2008 at 12:05 pm

    haha dingdongdingdong =p

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