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Some things will never change!

Its already more been more than 3 years since we did our ALs…And i very vividly remember the last days in school discussions on how we were all going to stay in touch, discussions about how we were going to move on from seeing each other everyday to seeing each other once a month or even less than that, and discussions about what it we would all be upto in 5 years time, and the amount of changes we would see in ourselves then!! We all expected dramatic changes in each others lives, and expected things to be totally different 5 years down the road!

Well…3 years have gone by, and i can tell u that most of us have not changed much over this time..Alot of things remain the same be it in the lame jokes that we crack, be it in the way we bug each other, or be it in the way we just still love and care for each other! I didn’t expect the last fact to change, but its just amazing how we can still remain so damn close to each other despite the distances and very low talk frequencies! And here i thought that what with the new peeps we were bound to meet at uni or at work places, our school friendships would diminish, or at the very least deteriorate to bad extents!

Certain things have definitely changed…some new relationships and parameters set…much more maturity in many of us…and of course more motivation and new goals and ambitions amongst the majority! But like i’ve said, the most important things still remain the same…we still love and care for each other like we used to… or maybe even more!

To my besties from BCI, love u guys to bits…and i’m more than thankful that you guys are a part of my life..a major part that too1

Getting used to home!

Coming home this time had a different feeling to it..cos technically i really can’t call the place i live in right now “my” home…cos the old house had too many memories lingering around it to let go so easily..and also cos i technically don’t have my own room in this house…Bro and sis have their own rooms complete with TV, and for bro complete with the PC and a PS2..and so they just shut themselves up in their rooms almost all the time…dad’s at work most of the time… Mum loves living in the kitchen…and me…well, i have a guest room to live in!!!!!!so well I just keep walking up and down the stairs in the hope that at least i can manage to lose some weight in the process!!! But then again, being around family is always awesome…and although it maybe different i guess i am getting used to it…

And to make the place feel more like home, yesterday the bestest buddies came over….Has, Sajj, Rishan, and of course Vix…Though we dint do much it was awesome having them over…and just hanging out..listening to their stupid stories…with Vix taking the centre stage! Key words of the day included 20, coffee, orange juice, interviews, repeating questions, MTV and of course sajj’s obsessions with “thattu mathulaiya?”!! I hope i’ll be seeing alot of them in the next few days before i fly off…cos i really really miss my bestest buddies! Ofcourse, i guess it will have to be at least another year before i see the Kangaroo, and enjoy his hugs…and i alr miss him…but i guess with the internet and its wonders, keeping in touch is not too bad!!!

Travelling – Oh yes…Here i come!

Yes..alot of the stuff has been confirmed now….

Going home for 12 days..then heading back to Singapore before the European adventure starts!

Note: Launch of travel Blog: Coming real soon…

Relationship status!

Ok, so there was this time back in school where people would refuse to let others know if they were attached…like only very few of their best friends would know..and they rest would eventualy find out..and then reactions would be

“OMG, X is going out with Y????”

And then you would confront X, and he/she will keep denying any sort of attraction to Y…despite more than half the school knowing about it…and despite it being so obvious.

Kinda like a “others-should-not-know-i-am-attached”phobia!!!

But now, its the exact opposite! People are dying to let us know of their “no-more-single” statuses…and the moment he/she asks the other person out, relationship statuses change on facebook!

And sometimes, say when you are replying to some thread or commenting on some photo, you find everyone’s profile pic consists of them with their partners…And i know quite a few *cough cough* who actually feel out of place when commenting on them….some who think that right now their only option is to marry a tree!!!

And so why is everyone suddenly so intent on letting others know of their relationship statuses? Something that i can only attribute to us getting old! Any other reasons?

Vix and Me!

And so the kangaroo decided to make make a stop over in Singapore before heading off to beloved Lanka..or wait let me rephrase that – he was forced to make a detour here because SIA refused to let him hop all the way to Lanka without dropping by on the red dot!

And of course, yours truly was more than excited about that ever since yours truly heard about it a few months ago albeit the really really short stopover!!

But despite the Really Short stopover, yours truly still made the kangaroo wait for  a good 30 minutes in the airport for her, because yours truly somehow managed to only leave Sheares 10mins before his plane landed at Changi!!

But then i guess his first words to me, and the hug made up for it all! Man, 1.5 years is too bloody long!!! That first hug meant more to me than any hug has meant to me for a looooong time..and sorry rishan, but i think vicky’s hug definitely beat yours this time around. Guess he’s been hugging too many ppl in Aussie!!

We went all over the city in the short time span, except Orchard Road ofcourse, talking about all sorts of crap…well and some sense too…sat down for hours outside the esplanade..had expensive food…it was a luxury and relaxation high!

Finally we went to Mustafa, bought chocs to take home…and then went in search of the lodge his uncle was staying in…Vix wanted to drop me off at NUS, but the sleepless night, and day both..i dint want him to go back home looking like a terror after another sleepless night, so refused that suggestion!!! So anyways, Uncle had told him that the lodge was directly opposite the temple….but we couldn’t find it! So we went up to these shop uncles, and asked them in Tamil where “Tekka lodging service” was…and then they thought we were asking about Tekka mall..after a few unsuccessful attempts, we finally managed to get through to them that we were looking for a lodge! Then he asked us “Ye, Neenga konja neram thangava?”…meaning “Is it for u guys to stay for a few hours?”…Like wtf…how shallow minded can people get!!! Anways, while i was too stunned to say a word, Vix immediately came to the rescue and somehow got the details out of him!!!

Anyways, despite all the realy  nice places we went to…we only took one pic of the both of us…Just one u know.. and that too in a cab!!! How pathetic….but maybe it was cos we were just too excited and happy over seeing each other after soo long that the camera was the last thing on my mind!!! But it was one good pic, and i’m in love with it!

And vix, I miss you alr!!!

:( I want to go home now!

I’m having Vix withdrawal symptoms ever since he left!!!

Right now, he’s with Rishan on the way “home”, although i’m sure alot of detours will take place before Rishan decides to take him to meet his parents!!

And now that he’s home after like what 1.5 years, there’s gonna be a HELLUVA lot of meet-ups, get togethers, and partays..and i’m gonna be here stuck with all the redtape around me!!

I really hope i can get everything cleared by the 24th, and get home on the 25th…and i really really hope Vix can extend his stay! I’ve only really truly realized the extent to which i miss him over the short time he spent here!

What i love the most about Singapore…

The fact that its the transit hub of the region!! Especially for those travelling from Aussie to SL..

And so i get to at least meet people before they jet off to SL whilst i rot in Singapore!!!

High School Musical 2

If High School Musical was crap, High School Musical 2 was way crappier (How that’s even possible, i have absolutley no idea!)

The songs were just purely gross, the dancing..urgh..Do u even call that dancing – Go watch Step up, now thats whats called good dance moves!, and the way they talk, and act..I think it was utterly disgusting, and horrible!

So why did i even watch it? Well, my sister is absolutely in love with Zack Effron, and thats probably why she’s in love HSM..and every time she talks to me, she asks me to go watch it. Wel, knowing my sister’s taste, i always go against her requests…

But today, I was bored..not for a lack of things to do..rather cos i was sick, and tired of doing the things i do…so decided to call it an off day…and why i sat through the entire movie..I have absolutely no idea!!

But oh well, one good thing about it..I absoultely loved the dresses!!! Now i really wanna go shopping, and immerse myself in the beatiful summer dresses and shoes!!!

So yesterday was really not my day!!! Went to sleep with alot of things on my mind…And so kept waking up through a night to a strange mixture of weird dreams and nightmares!!

Spilt the iced lemon tea allover my food during lunch, and then almost dropped my fork..

Had a time trying to contact people, convince people, and actually get things running!!

Today was slightly better! But now, once again, a whole string of admin stuff on my hands..i think i will have to apply for the UK visa, and thats gonna both cost alot, and take up alot of time and energy!

I can’t wait till all this is over, and i’m off!!! I know it’s gonna be worth the wait, but it’s just soooo mentally frustrating right now..

My travel blog is on its way….Just a bit more to finish up…Am starting it early, so that all the red tape, and visa procedures will be blogged about as look forward to that yeah!!!

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