So yesterday was really not my day!!! Went to sleep with alot of things on my mind…And so kept waking up through a night to a strange mixture of weird dreams and nightmares!!

Spilt the iced lemon tea allover my food during lunch, and then almost dropped my fork..

Had a time trying to contact people, convince people, and actually get things running!!

Today was slightly better! But now, once again, a whole string of admin stuff on my hands..i think i will have to apply for the UK visa, and thats gonna both cost alot, and take up alot of time and energy!

I can’t wait till all this is over, and i’m off!!! I know it’s gonna be worth the wait, but it’s just soooo mentally frustrating right now..

My travel blog is on its way….Just a bit more to finish up…Am starting it early, so that all the red tape, and visa procedures will be blogged about as look forward to that yeah!!!


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