High School Musical 2

If High School Musical was crap, High School Musical 2 was way crappier (How that’s even possible, i have absolutley no idea!)

The songs were just purely gross, the dancing..urgh..Do u even call that dancing – Go watch Step up, now thats whats called good dance moves!, and the way they talk, and act..I think it was utterly disgusting, and horrible!

So why did i even watch it? Well, my sister is absolutely in love with Zack Effron, and thats probably why she’s in love HSM..and every time she talks to me, she asks me to go watch it. Wel, knowing my sister’s taste, i always go against her requests…

But today, I was bored..not for a lack of things to do..rather cos i was sick, and tired of doing the things i do…so decided to call it an off day…and why i sat through the entire movie..I have absolutely no idea!!

But oh well, one good thing about it..I absoultely loved the dresses!!! Now i really wanna go shopping, and immerse myself in the beatiful summer dresses and shoes!!!


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