Vix and Me!

And so the kangaroo decided to make make a stop over in Singapore before heading off to beloved Lanka..or wait let me rephrase that – he was forced to make a detour here because SIA refused to let him hop all the way to Lanka without dropping by on the red dot!

And of course, yours truly was more than excited about that ever since yours truly heard about it a few months ago albeit the really really short stopover!!

But despite the Really Short stopover, yours truly still made the kangaroo wait for  a good 30 minutes in the airport for her, because yours truly somehow managed to only leave Sheares 10mins before his plane landed at Changi!!

But then i guess his first words to me, and the hug made up for it all! Man, 1.5 years is too bloody long!!! That first hug meant more to me than any hug has meant to me for a looooong time..and sorry rishan, but i think vicky’s hug definitely beat yours this time around. Guess he’s been hugging too many ppl in Aussie!!

We went all over the city in the short time span, except Orchard Road ofcourse, talking about all sorts of crap…well and some sense too…sat down for hours outside the esplanade..had expensive food…it was a luxury and relaxation high!

Finally we went to Mustafa, bought chocs to take home…and then went in search of the lodge his uncle was staying in…Vix wanted to drop me off at NUS, but the sleepless night, and day both..i dint want him to go back home looking like a terror after another sleepless night, so refused that suggestion!!! So anyways, Uncle had told him that the lodge was directly opposite the temple….but we couldn’t find it! So we went up to these shop uncles, and asked them in Tamil where “Tekka lodging service” was…and then they thought we were asking about Tekka mall..after a few unsuccessful attempts, we finally managed to get through to them that we were looking for a lodge! Then he asked us “Ye, Neenga konja neram thangava?”…meaning “Is it for u guys to stay for a few hours?”…Like wtf…how shallow minded can people get!!! Anways, while i was too stunned to say a word, Vix immediately came to the rescue and somehow got the details out of him!!!

Anyways, despite all the realy  nice places we went to…we only took one pic of the both of us…Just one u know.. and that too in a cab!!! How pathetic….but maybe it was cos we were just too excited and happy over seeing each other after soo long that the camera was the last thing on my mind!!! But it was one good pic, and i’m in love with it!

And vix, I miss you alr!!!


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