Getting used to home!

Coming home this time had a different feeling to it..cos technically i really can’t call the place i live in right now “my” home…cos the old house had too many memories lingering around it to let go so easily..and also cos i technically don’t have my own room in this house…Bro and sis have their own rooms complete with TV, and for bro complete with the PC and a PS2..and so they just shut themselves up in their rooms almost all the time…dad’s at work most of the time… Mum loves living in the kitchen…and me…well, i have a guest room to live in!!!!!!so well I just keep walking up and down the stairs in the hope that at least i can manage to lose some weight in the process!!! But then again, being around family is always awesome…and although it maybe different i guess i am getting used to it…

And to make the place feel more like home, yesterday the bestest buddies came over….Has, Sajj, Rishan, and of course Vix…Though we dint do much it was awesome having them over…and just hanging out..listening to their stupid stories…with Vix taking the centre stage! Key words of the day included 20, coffee, orange juice, interviews, repeating questions, MTV and of course sajj’s obsessions with “thattu mathulaiya?”!! I hope i’ll be seeing alot of them in the next few days before i fly off…cos i really really miss my bestest buddies! Ofcourse, i guess it will have to be at least another year before i see the Kangaroo, and enjoy his hugs…and i alr miss him…but i guess with the internet and its wonders, keeping in touch is not too bad!!!


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