Some things will never change!

Its already more been more than 3 years since we did our ALs…And i very vividly remember the last days in school discussions on how we were all going to stay in touch, discussions about how we were going to move on from seeing each other everyday to seeing each other once a month or even less than that, and discussions about what it we would all be upto in 5 years time, and the amount of changes we would see in ourselves then!! We all expected dramatic changes in each others lives, and expected things to be totally different 5 years down the road!

Well…3 years have gone by, and i can tell u that most of us have not changed much over this time..Alot of things remain the same be it in the lame jokes that we crack, be it in the way we bug each other, or be it in the way we just still love and care for each other! I didn’t expect the last fact to change, but its just amazing how we can still remain so damn close to each other despite the distances and very low talk frequencies! And here i thought that what with the new peeps we were bound to meet at uni or at work places, our school friendships would diminish, or at the very least deteriorate to bad extents!

Certain things have definitely changed…some new relationships and parameters set…much more maturity in many of us…and of course more motivation and new goals and ambitions amongst the majority! But like i’ve said, the most important things still remain the same…we still love and care for each other like we used to… or maybe even more!

To my besties from BCI, love u guys to bits…and i’m more than thankful that you guys are a part of my life..a major part that too1


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