I’m leaving again, and my sis thinks…

1. Yes, finally attention away from the older sister, and back to me!! From parents, to relatives to friends, everyone’s just so eager to

2. Oh, and yes!! Finally my kinda food again! Because, when she’s here, mum doesn’t care about me…its just about cooking everything she likes (and it goes without saying that i dislike what she likes!)

3. And yes!! Finally, i can go back to reading the books whenver i want! She’s such a possessive freak over her books, especially her harry potter!! Now, i can read it when i am indulging in my fav choc cake, and i wouldn’t have to undergo that annoying voice shouting at me saying i’m gonna ruin her precious book with my chocolate filled hands..

4. The phone.. the phone…the phone…it will be mine to hog…AGAIN!!!

5. But i won’t be able to go on such an awesome shopping spree till she’s back again!

6. I will miss her (male) friends!

7. I won’t be able to “borrow” her clothes, perfume and make-up!!!

Yes, that’s what’s going on in my sister’s mind when i’m about to leave home and not come back for at least another year!! Don’t you think i should be extremely “touched” by the “love” my sibling has for me???


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