Chocolate and strawberry!

They are the best combination! Seriously!

Just think of chocolate coated strawberries! OMG! So yummylicious! Ofcourse, adding whipped cream to this combo would make it sinful, yet the most delicious dessert ever!

But take toiletries..Body Shop for example.

They have Strawberry body butter. And they have Chocolate body butter.

But they do NOT have a combo?

Why not? I do NOT want to be able to choose between strawberry and chocolate. I want both! Just like i want both when i eat! Ofcourse, i can’t wish for a whipped cream body butter though i’m sure Y*N would love it!

But, once again to my point, when strawberries and chocolate make the best eating combination, why do they not have a combined body butter for it! I do NOT wanna go and have to make a choice between both again!


F1 Grand Prix!

Everyone’s talking about it! I mean like everyone! And i never felt bad for missing it, but right now after watching this amazing link, i wish i was in Singapore man!

Like for the first time something exciting is happening in Singapore, and i’m missing out on it! Like wth!

Parties..or not?

One of the basic expectations from sonmeone who is on exchange would be that this person make a whole loada overseas friends right? And thus its not very surprising that everyone expects the same of me, especially considering alot of people think i’m one of the most social people they know!

But sadly, i can’t really give them an impressive answer cos honestly i think the number of people i have gotten to know over here is quite pathetic!

But the reason is cos i live in an apartment, and not in a dorm or hostel or hall!! And thus i have to go out to meet new people..and here to go out means to “go clubbing”, and maybe once in a while “pubbing”.

I love dancing, and so i love clubbing! But i dont like staying awake till 4am and dancing your way through booze almost everyday! And i dont like buying drinks at clubs cos its too expensive! And i don’t like the music over here! And i don’t like the clubbing atmosphere over here.

Everyone gets so drunk and and start making out with someone or the other! By the end of the night, there are very few people who have not hooked up with anyone! And i’m one of them! Worse, i’m never even drunk! And so all alone, with horrible music, i stand at the end of the night!

And in Singapore or Lanka, i always go clubbing with good friends, and i know that someone i can trust is around me all the time to “take care” of me! And when dancing, i have guys who are my friends to dance with! But here, its with strangers! I don’t mind just dancing with them, but the more intense club dancing – i don’t think its in me to do so with a person i barely know! (Sorry! Certain Asian values are too deeply rooted in me)..Ao i guess i keep too much of distance from people to get to know them!

And in SIngapore/SL i know there will be someone with me till the end, and will NOT let me go home alone however close home maybe, and however safe the streets maybe. So i know there will be someone to take care of me! Here however, Mathieu always leaves us alone. And MC is generally quite drunk by the end..And so, we ending up walking back alone..and 2 girls, alone on the streets of Eastern Europe does not sound too safe does it, especially when one of them is not the most sober a person could be then!

And so, i keep away from many of the parties..though i have been to a few already! And now, i think i’m going to keep away even more cos i just can’t get accustomed to the partying atmosphere here. Maybe, this means i will make less friends…But i sure hope that with classes..and hopefully more “hangout” sessions, things will improve, and my hungarian friend list will grow!

Oh, and meanwhile i hope certain ‘wishes’ of mine would become a reality soon too..some people know whhat i’m talking about here;)!

Such a fat greedy pig!

I eat bread, cheese pasta, meat, chocolate, and drink milk everyday!

For instance, yesterday, was

Breakfast – bread/butter/nutella/milk

Lunch – Fusili Pasta with some meat

Tea – Chocolate

Dinner – Butterfried noodles with meat

Supper – Cheese Bread/bites off MC’s butterfried noodles/milk

Like how much more greedy can this fat ass get???

Currently addicted to:

  1. Chocolates
  2. Cereal with cold milk
  3. Orange juice
  4. Yoghurt
  5. One Tree Hill
  6. Friends
  7. Gilmore Girls
  8. MSN
  9. Skype
  10. ColdPlay

I survived Oktoberfest!

Yes, not only survived Oktoberfest but also the train journeys and what nots, and now back safe and sound in Budapest! Thankfully!

Munich and Oktoberfest were awesome! And so i’m not too depressed over the cost of the train tickets anymore! (Note the words “too”).

This is the first European trip in which i have more pix of us, rather than the sights! And i guess credit for that goes to Eefei, but cloudy skies meant that most of my pix of sights would not turn out good, so i gave up after a while!

Anyways, i need to rush assignments due tmrw, so gonna get down to doing them now! I hope!

Scared but excited!

Its OktoberFest…like finally! Its the first thing we researched and booked for our Eurotrip!

And i’m damn excited..wooots cheap beer, hot guys, and ALOT of entertainment! And the fact that its Okt Fest!

BUT, i’m travelling alone by Night Train..And stupid me, did NOT book a couchette to sav costs..the train seats are comfy, so thats not an issue….but erm i was readin online that couchettes are safer…especially in Eastern Europe..BUt i’m travelling to Germany, so not really Eastern…but rather central to Western..

So, i really hope that i can get myself and all my belongings to Germany safe and sound..I DO NOT want to lose the very little belongings that i have left to some guy on the train. I hope the Lord does not make me suffer through another such disaster! Pray for me arite?

But, i just skype home, and so speaking to parents does give you some confidence:)

Ok, i hope it will be an enjoyable trip:D. See you in 4-5 days! woohooo!

I hate colds!

I hate colds. They are horrible. And i’m stuck with one right now. And the weather just seems to help it get worse, not better!

I want to get better in time for Oktoberfest!!!

First Day of Classes

And so today i finally started school! Like finally!!! What? You think its weird that i’m cheering on the start of school! Well, i have been on holiday for more than 4 months now, and all my friends are already half way through the sem..even those on SEP have started school, so its natural to miss studying ok:)

Anyways, was one of the most horrible weather days to start school! 9.3degrees complete with the cold wind and rain!!! So sucky!

You know whats suckier, it was like 31 degrees last Thursday, and on Friday it just DROPPED to 10degrees!

So despite the sucky weather, i am glad to be back in school as a student. I know its going to be a relaxing semester despite the loads of readings i already have cos i know i dont have to work my ass off to get that A+…A C would make me just as happy!

Freezing my ass off!

Made a sudden decision to travel to krakow and Auschwitz this weekend…thought we had 2.5 days here, but somehow due to some miscommunication, its one 1.5 days, which is soooo not enough for Krakow!

But atleast i was able to visit most of Auschwitz, which is overwhelming..more about that later…but even in Auschwitz, i would have loved to spend more time, just sitting down and letting the depth of all the horror just sink in!

Plus i won’t be able to go into the Wawel Castle, though i can go see it from outside…and the Jewsih district will also have to be a glance through…and the same to the oldest university in Europe…And then there’s the salt mine which is another day trip!!

Added to that is the temperature…right now its 7degrees, and i’m freezing!!!! OMG, did not expect it to be this cold, so did not come prepared!!

I think i will visit krakow again! I hope so, cos i don’t wanna miss out on soo much..

Anyways, am not feeling to good today cos of a relaly really bad cold, so not going out with MC, Matt and the Aussie guys tonight…plus, i need to save money..!

Ok, gonna go off to bed now, cos i’m tired..and sick!

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