Of lost luggage and curses

Yes, my hostel lost my luggage..my 25.2kg luggage..but fortunately they “found” it today with almost all my clothes and other goodies “stolen”…but fortunately my documents are safe..and thats what really matters to me at the most..Bet me anything, it was the hostel staff that stole the stuff…and if i had to suffer so much thinking all including the docs were lost, then i have the right to curse the thief to rot in helllll!!!! Or wait, maybe he/she might be alive for much longer…so maybe

1. My Body shop body wash somehow is from a defective batch, and thus she gets all sorts of rashes by using it!!!

2. My clothes are too tight for her, and thus when she walks down the road, they split humiliating her totally!

3. She puts her hand inside my pencil case, and the scissors cut her hands really badly!

4. Failing which, she gets her hand cut by my super expensive aloe razors!

5. Failing that too, she decides to use my razor, and gets infected badly cos its already been used by me!

6. My battery charger explodes when she tries to charge her batteries with it!

7. MY dresses make her look really really HORRIBLE…or they just tear and look totally FUGLY on her..or someone gets drunk and pukes on it, and her boobs!

8. She doesnt understand English, and so wears my unconference T out, and becomes the laughing stock of many cute guys!!!

9. My heels break when she’s partying in them, and thus she looks like a total idiot!

10. Despite using my sanitary pads, she still leaks…and on that day she’s wearing my gorgeous white pants!

Mean i may be, but come on, i just had a good potion of my favorite clothes and such stolen in a country far away from home, and far away from a language i understand!


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