Yes i want to travel, and see all the great places i’ve only read about, or seen on TV! And yes, SEP’s an awesome way to live that dream of mine…But i know there’s more to deciding on going away on SEP than just that..

And that’s known as ESCAPE..

Escape from not just the stress that NUS puts you in..that’s just a really small reason…Escape from some things, some people, certain aspects of reality are more like the real reasons..

And yes, i was doing quite well with this escapade…with the beauty, and the friendly faces surrounding me together with all the settling in helping me forget about the things i most wanted to…But things still keep coming to your ears, and however much you try to evade them, its not possible..

I took a day off…thought about what someone today told me…realized that very few would genuinely a shit…and sulked about it for some time over good lunch, a cheese omelette, nutella sandwiches and yoghurt…and then realized that its not worth sulking over, cos its these FEW people that matter…its these few people who make my life worth living..

And so, thanks to those buddies of mine out there…when you read this, you know who you’ll are:). You’ll matter, and i despite being over the moon about being in Europe, i still miss you guys..alot:)


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