Of everything i do…

One glorious month in Europe! Kinda sad to know that one month’s over already…just 4 more to go and then i’ll be back in lah-lah land..sigh. But there’s time to get depressed about this later on..right now time to partay!

It’s been a busy week, filled with school orientation, admin stuff (and Hungarians can be so inefficient – much more innefficient than govt officials in Lanka – i had to wait 2 hours in line to COLLECT an information package with just 14students ahead of me!!!), and given the fact that i have been living in Singapore for some time now, it’s hard to get over the inefficiency. This is where you miss Singapore.

There have been quite alot of parties too. Met up with some exchange students for a night of poker, after which we headed over to the “Buddha Club” – Yes u read correct. A huge statue of Lord Buddha smack in the middle of the beautiful open air club by the Danube. A huge statue of Lord Buddha smack in the middle of all the alcohol, and dirty dancing! Initially Csabi told me we are going to “Buda Club”, so i assumed to a club on the Buda side. But it was only later i realized what he said. The music kinda sucked cos they played techno throughout the night, but otherwise it was beautiful. Open air, the beautifully lit Danube, and the whole atmosphere. But i don’t think i will ever be going there again. Not just because drunk old (26 and above maybe) Hungarian guys can get very creepy in there by stopping you, and holding your hands and not letting go, but also because my Sri Lankan roots tell me that its disrespectful to be clubbing with Lord Buddha right there.

University has its own club in the university premises. Wonder if NUS will ever think that’s appropriate eh? But its a really nice place. Good music. Expensive drinks though. Went there after our official orientation. Majority got so drunk that by the end of the night practically everyone was making out with someone (No, i was an exception). Found the whole thing funny though!. Met John that night. SMU student in his final year! He rocks la! So funny, and super nice!

Last night was John’s housewarming. Stays in a pretty nice apartment with a Brazilian guy. Super huge rooms. But it was very hot. Especially when atleast a 100 (i suspect it was much more) were squeezed into one kitchen and one room. But it was a nice networking session. Hung out with the Singaporeans – Ujin and John – quite a bit though. I’m now a Singaporean over here – well i am representing NUS and ofcourse for International week, i’ll have to represent Singapore. But i don’t mind it. Feels good to have fellow countrymen to hang around with.

Priscilla and Ritchell are in Budapest. Going to WeiHunag’s flat later to meet them. Will finally meet Tito also:). Feels good somehow to know that there’s someone you can relate better to than Europeans.

The Weather has bee good so far, but seems like its getting colder now. Seen 2 days of rain now. Time to shop for those Trenchcoats and boots;)

Ok, back to the world of planning now:)


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