Freezing my ass off!

Made a sudden decision to travel to krakow and Auschwitz this weekend…thought we had 2.5 days here, but somehow due to some miscommunication, its one 1.5 days, which is soooo not enough for Krakow!

But atleast i was able to visit most of Auschwitz, which is overwhelming..more about that later…but even in Auschwitz, i would have loved to spend more time, just sitting down and letting the depth of all the horror just sink in!

Plus i won’t be able to go into the Wawel Castle, though i can go see it from outside…and the Jewsih district will also have to be a glance through…and the same to the oldest university in Europe…And then there’s the salt mine which is another day trip!!

Added to that is the temperature…right now its 7degrees, and i’m freezing!!!! OMG, did not expect it to be this cold, so did not come prepared!!

I think i will visit krakow again! I hope so, cos i don’t wanna miss out on soo much..

Anyways, am not feeling to good today cos of a relaly really bad cold, so not going out with MC, Matt and the Aussie guys tonight…plus, i need to save money..!

Ok, gonna go off to bed now, cos i’m tired..and sick!


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