Scared but excited!

Its OktoberFest…like finally! Its the first thing we researched and booked for our Eurotrip!

And i’m damn excited..wooots cheap beer, hot guys, and ALOT of entertainment! And the fact that its Okt Fest!

BUT, i’m travelling alone by Night Train..And stupid me, did NOT book a couchette to sav costs..the train seats are comfy, so thats not an issue….but erm i was readin online that couchettes are safer…especially in Eastern Europe..BUt i’m travelling to Germany, so not really Eastern…but rather central to Western..

So, i really hope that i can get myself and all my belongings to Germany safe and sound..I DO NOT want to lose the very little belongings that i have left to some guy on the train. I hope the Lord does not make me suffer through another such disaster! Pray for me arite?

But, i just skype home, and so speaking to parents does give you some confidence:)

Ok, i hope it will be an enjoyable trip:D. See you in 4-5 days! woohooo!


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