Parties..or not?

One of the basic expectations from sonmeone who is on exchange would be that this person make a whole loada overseas friends right? And thus its not very surprising that everyone expects the same of me, especially considering alot of people think i’m one of the most social people they know!

But sadly, i can’t really give them an impressive answer cos honestly i think the number of people i have gotten to know over here is quite pathetic!

But the reason is cos i live in an apartment, and not in a dorm or hostel or hall!! And thus i have to go out to meet new people..and here to go out means to “go clubbing”, and maybe once in a while “pubbing”.

I love dancing, and so i love clubbing! But i dont like staying awake till 4am and dancing your way through booze almost everyday! And i dont like buying drinks at clubs cos its too expensive! And i don’t like the music over here! And i don’t like the clubbing atmosphere over here.

Everyone gets so drunk and and start making out with someone or the other! By the end of the night, there are very few people who have not hooked up with anyone! And i’m one of them! Worse, i’m never even drunk! And so all alone, with horrible music, i stand at the end of the night!

And in Singapore or Lanka, i always go clubbing with good friends, and i know that someone i can trust is around me all the time to “take care” of me! And when dancing, i have guys who are my friends to dance with! But here, its with strangers! I don’t mind just dancing with them, but the more intense club dancing – i don’t think its in me to do so with a person i barely know! (Sorry! Certain Asian values are too deeply rooted in me)..Ao i guess i keep too much of distance from people to get to know them!

And in SIngapore/SL i know there will be someone with me till the end, and will NOT let me go home alone however close home maybe, and however safe the streets maybe. So i know there will be someone to take care of me! Here however, Mathieu always leaves us alone. And MC is generally quite drunk by the end..And so, we ending up walking back alone..and 2 girls, alone on the streets of Eastern Europe does not sound too safe does it, especially when one of them is not the most sober a person could be then!

And so, i keep away from many of the parties..though i have been to a few already! And now, i think i’m going to keep away even more cos i just can’t get accustomed to the partying atmosphere here. Maybe, this means i will make less friends…But i sure hope that with classes..and hopefully more “hangout” sessions, things will improve, and my hungarian friend list will grow!

Oh, and meanwhile i hope certain ‘wishes’ of mine would become a reality soon too..some people know whhat i’m talking about here;)!


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