A lot like love

Starring Ashton Kutcher and Amanda Peet.

Tag line: There’s nothing better than a great romance… to ruin a perfectly good friendship.

Well, when i first read the tag line, though it was going to be a movie where 2 friends go out, and something happens, and so they break up, thus ruining a great friendship.

But then, i read the tag line again, and again, just because Hesh kept emphaszing that it was a good movie.

And then, i realized, the tag line is more along the lines of how the only thing better than a great friendship would be a great romance! And when u think of it that way, its an AMAZING line!

The movie – i think its a bit cheesy, and so-so…but for some reason, i just had to keep on watching…some sort of pull factor. And though the tag line is great, it doesn’t fit the story too well, cos Ashton and Amanda were never really good friends through the movie – they were something more. Come on, sex everytime they see each other CANNOT be classified as friendship right?

But nevertheless, if u got some free time on your hands, or wanna de-stress, A lot like Love is a good watch!;)



A small half an hour nap turned into a 12 hr straight “slept like a log” nap! And i so totally missed out on the International Flag party (where we are supposed to dress up in our flag colors) last night! I dunno why MC never woke me up! Or maybe she did, but i refused to wake up!

And whats even more unbelievable is that i seem to be having dark circles, and a throbbing headache right now! I do not understand!

My Fortress…

When you make a mistake, you take extra care the next time around so that you don’t end up making the same mistake again. At least in most cases.

But, the mistakes i’ve made (yes sometimes, the same ones over and over again), have now left me drowning in a sea of insecurities, those which i can’t seem to be able to get over.

And for some time now, i feel like i’ve been living with a boundary around me…a kind of fortress, which i use to hide inside whenever anyone tries to get too close. Actually, whenever anyone tries to get beyond the “hey, how u doing?” point.

I know i need to get over the past, break down the fortress, and get back to being myself..but i’ve just become too comfy in this little fortress of mine that it seems impossible to do so.

But for now, i only know of one person who maybe able to help me destroy it, and build up myself through  this so called concept of”love”. But i’ve been to inconfident, and too insecure to ask for  you for help. It seems much more easier to just nestle down inside this kind of new comfort hole, and concentrate on my studies and career instead:(


A msg from a certain someone packaged with a special compliment…following which a nice conversation..

Things working out for some best friends…

A few skype conversations…

Some good exercise up and down hills in weather thats not yet too cold…

Autumn colors and leaves…

European streets and their beauty…

It was a happy day! :D…and the happiness is still lying around!

The kitchen and me…

For the longest time ever, i didn’t want to try my hand at cooking! Except ofcourse for the omelettes and maggi (and well, i don’t think i ever considered that as cooking)…And then there came Home-science classes, where we were made to cook/bake in school! But considering that it was a whole bunch of “always looking for trouble” girls attempting to cook in a kitchen filled with roaches and other such insects, i am sure you know how it would have turned out! oh and not to mention, we never adhered to instructions (unless it was an exam), just so that we could make the teacher look bad:P. But let me not get into school days and the mischief we were upto then…let me get back to the point..

So cooking…yeah! but the main reason was cos i didn’t want others to taste what i had made for the first time ever – obviously for fear of it not tasting good, and so me being labelled a “bad cook”. And so, i always always put off the cooking! But the baking – that was a different story – cos there is always a good recipe with correct amounts of ingredients to follow! And so that i did!

But then, during the gap year after school, i did try my hands at cooking (with mum’s guidance)…and it was not bad at all. but ofcourse, being the lazy ass i am, didn’t do much of a variety…

And then came NUS, where i obviously cooked more…but most of the time the cooking was together with friends (cos i stay in hall)…but over the hols(2 summers, and 2 decembers), i made stuff for myself..and thus became more confident of my cooking..

And over here now, i am even happier cos sometimes, i just whip up something fast with whatever’s at home, and it turns out to be GOOD!!! And i don’t even think when i cook!

So the point of this is that cooking’s not as hard as many perceive it to be. All you need is a little self confidence to get started, and then it’s going to be a helluva fattening kitchen experience!!

And to end off this post, here are 3 photos of stuff that i randomly made, with no idea as to what i was making and how it would turn out when i started:)

The Tudors – A new addiction

Or rather, should i change my topic to Henry Cavill – A new addiction. Maybe its both…or wait i think it’s Tudors addiction as a result of a Cavill addiction – there you go, that sounds more like it.

I love the show, and its just amazing – i think! I feel like i’m reliving those middle school history lessons. Actually Europe in itself is a reliving of the my history lessons, but Tudors more so.

To those of you who haven’t heard of the Tv show, its basically about King Henry VIII. And so yes, considering the fact that he had 6 wives, there are lots of scandals in the movie, and apparently in television, scandals = lots of sex! Within the first 10 mins of the first episode i watched, i was shocked, and left wondering if it was a porn show or a normal Tv series.

But nevertheless, its awesome! And god, Henry Cavill is just soooooooo HOT! I can easily say that he could Wentworth Miller a run for his money!!!

And JRM’s not all that bad either. And his acting is priceless – The role of Henry VIII is just perfect for him! Who cares if he gets arrested for Drunkennes all the time..after all, he IS the King right?

Anyways, i’ve watched 2 whole seasons in a weekend (and believe it or not, the weekend included some travelling too!). Thank god, there’s only 2 seasons to watch. Else i’l be so screwed with my school work!

I should really try to do some work! Sian! But before i end this post, i’ll put up an ad that casts Henry Cavill! Watch it, and fall in love with Henry Cavill!!


It’s cruel. It’s a breaker of all sorts of relationships. Its Evil. Its called jealousy!

And you, my friend, have fallen in its trap just because you are afraid of me catching up!

You are damn good, and i try hard to reach your standards, and i know that sometimes i do exceed it!

But you are an inspiration, and it hurts me to see you in this place!

And no matter what, its a passion i dearly follow, and i will not stop!

I wish i could be right next to you…

As the sun sets

And silhouettes we become

I wish i could be right next to you

Your hands in mine.

As dawn breaks

And i open my eyes

i wish i could be right next to you

Your sweet face against mine.

As the trophies build up

And a benchmark i become

I wish i could be right next to you

Your proud face looking into mine.

As the days go on

And the world fades by

I wish i could be right next to you

Knowing you are only mine!

I’m sorry!

I was just super annoyed last night. “Larger than life” egos and “I know everything” attitudes just get to me really badl! And traces back to memories that i’d rather not relive!

I know its not right to bitch about them on a public blog…afterall we get together quite well, and they have been pretty nice to me all this while…

I guess i am to blame – i don’t try to rectify certain situations and to them about things i don’t like, but rather just give in to everything.

I will talk to them, and make things clear, and then hope things go alright from then on. Afterall, as a Business Major, such people skills are really important to me right. Will update on the status soon.


I like living with them. They are definitely very nice! Its hard to find people u can live together with!

But sometimes, i just hate his attitude! Thinks he knows everything! U know how much i hate that attitude! It just gets to my nerves really badly!!! Won’t even give us a chance to say anything!

Like, i am the one who suggested the place! He has a freaking guide book, and had no clue of the place i was talking about! And they went today. I didn’t go for 3 reasons.

– It’s a Sunday so considering how Hungarians work, i didn’t wanna risk going and then realizing the places were closed!

– They were going with her parents and relatives. French contingent. Yeah sometimes they take the effort to make me understand, but most of the time, i am just all alone over there (i do understand some french, but its hard when people talk really fast)

– They will have expensive meals. And it’ll be their choice of a place! I’d rather be able to have a say in it!

– I like to have a good itinerary! And with parents, i won’t be able to do what i wanna do cos they need to rest more!

– I just didn’t feel like going with them. Weihuang, and gang sounds more fun!

SO he comes back, and tells, “OMG, it was really nice”. I was like “Ok, thats good” and went on with my work. Then he says, “U missed a rally good trip”, and i say “Yeah, but i’m going there later on!” and he says, “well, you could have gone for free”. Then i’m like, “but i wouldn’t have been able to go all the places i wanted to!” (cos i know for a fact that some places are closed today!), and he’s like “No, we went to all the places, everything was open”

Yeah right! I knew the facts before i spoke! Annoying me to the max! I will go and have a good time with people who i can have fun with! Unlike gg with u, and then rushing for time, cos U refuse to listen to me…and then wasting time by doing nothing, cos you rushed for nothing!

Ok, maybe i’m just pmsing and don;t make sense…but gahhhhh..I’m annoyed right now!

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