Inefficienct and Unorganized? Oh no – its way worse!

I signed up for courses like ages ago!!!! Just before last semester exams! And then, i had to go through this whole phase of figuring out what my specialization requirements…all when i had a super huge load of assignments due, and NUS exams coming up! And module mapping….urgh!

And then, i find out that our timetable would not be available till the add-drop period here starts, and that was during our orientation week…like a week before classes start…So u hope that the course schedules are up atleast when the add-drop period starts right? so that in cases of clash or what ever, i can maybe choose another course and then email NUS and get it approved before i add it! But no, only some courses show their tiemtable at the beginning! The schedule for my consumer behavior course only appeared on Friday night, or was it Saturday morning? Whatever, point being classes started on Monday, and timetable is up only on Friday, like wtf right?

And the best part is, after only putting up the timetable soooo late, i realized that it clashed!!! And that too with my Supply Chain Management Module!!! A bloody 1hr20mins clash! Supply chain is on Wednesday from 1:10 to 4:10, and Consumer Behavior from 2:50 to 5:50!!!

LIke wtf? I NEED to do both courses to satisfy my specialization requirements!!!!

So i went to the International Office on Monday morning, which was btw the last day to add/drop courses, and asked them what i should do! They told me “its not an issue cos the first half is generally a lecture and so the profs wont mind”

Nevertheless, i find it weird, and so not correct to miss half of a class everyday, so tried to check out and see if there were any other mods that i may be able to take instead! And nope, Not a single module!

So well, i guessed that i dint have a choice, and had to stick to both modules.

Then week 1, i go off to the CB class to tell the prof i will be late during my SCM break. But there is no prof…so i wait longer…like 5 mins past my 20min break..and still not i decide to just go back to SCM and come backk when its over! So i do that, and then i see only 2 people in the class, and no prof! They tell me that class has been cancelled. OK!

Week 2, i go to CB after SCM…and no one in class! I even recheck my course timetable online to make sure i am in the correct place! And yet, no success!

So i go back home, to find an email,

“Dear Students,

I am not as yet 100% certain (I still need to receive written confirmation from the professor), but it seems that we have been able to find a professor to teach the Consumer Behavior course.

For the time being, please calculate with the fact that the course will go ahead as planned (obviously with 2 make-up classes to be scheduled).

As soon as I have received the new professor’s official confirmation that she will teach the course I will e-mail you again immediately.

Best regards and wishing you a pleasant and relaxing weekend,

Errr…so that means there is no teacher for the course? So again, like wtf????????????????

SO, i sit there for days wondering if i’ll have to take just 4 mods here, and thus have to take an extra mod in NUS next sem!!! 24MC’s in NUS in one SEM!! No way babe!

ANyways, laters the class was confirmed and i speak to the lecturer about me not being able to attend the 1st half of the class, and she says she doesn’t like it, but since i cant do anything about it, its ok…but my class participation will drop..and u know the whole works! sigh!

I dont wanna be doing this! I’d rather have 6hrs back to back than this!

And i’d rather go through CORS, than go thru the way things are organized here!


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