Why being a Caucasian is so much nicer!

1. All they have to worry about is where to party tonight! The rest is not important!

2. They do not need to spend money on expensive drinks like fruit juice, or even coke! Just some beer would do! After all, drinking = life right?

3. Everyone drooles over them! Be it fellow caucasians, africans, asians, chinese..who ever! They just dominate everyone’s taste!

4. When you are an Asian, you are still rather conservative in terms of the things you do! Makes it much harder to make non asian friends that way!

5. 35, and still no guy in their life. Nothing big to worry about! No pesky relatives to keep bugging you about it! Someone will come sometime in the future.Unlike Asians…more specifically South Asians, where if you hit 20-23, all everyone will ask you about is whether you have found someone!

6. Finding a guy is easy – pretty much no restrictions most of the time. Race or religion do NOT matter!

Sigh…I should have been a caucasian!!! And should be living in Europe!

Oh wait, why am i now wishing for things that can never happen when i should be mugging for that quiz next week????


1 Comment

  1. eh said,

    October 11, 2008 at 6:39 am

    Haha I think I’ve wished (or wondered what it’s like) to be a Caucasian ever since reading those Sweet Valley Twins books

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