I like living with them. They are definitely very nice! Its hard to find people u can live together with!

But sometimes, i just hate his attitude! Thinks he knows everything! U know how much i hate that attitude! It just gets to my nerves really badly!!! Won’t even give us a chance to say anything!

Like, i am the one who suggested the place! He has a freaking guide book, and had no clue of the place i was talking about! And they went today. I didn’t go for 3 reasons.

– It’s a Sunday so considering how Hungarians work, i didn’t wanna risk going and then realizing the places were closed!

– They were going with her parents and relatives. French contingent. Yeah sometimes they take the effort to make me understand, but most of the time, i am just all alone over there (i do understand some french, but its hard when people talk really fast)

– They will have expensive meals. And it’ll be their choice of a place! I’d rather be able to have a say in it!

– I like to have a good itinerary! And with parents, i won’t be able to do what i wanna do cos they need to rest more!

– I just didn’t feel like going with them. Weihuang, and gang sounds more fun!

SO he comes back, and tells, “OMG, it was really nice”. I was like “Ok, thats good” and went on with my work. Then he says, “U missed a rally good trip”, and i say “Yeah, but i’m going there later on!” and he says, “well, you could have gone for free”. Then i’m like, “but i wouldn’t have been able to go all the places i wanted to!” (cos i know for a fact that some places are closed today!), and he’s like “No, we went to all the places, everything was open”

Yeah right! I knew the facts before i spoke! Annoying me to the max! I will go and have a good time with people who i can have fun with! Unlike gg with u, and then rushing for time, cos U refuse to listen to me…and then wasting time by doing nothing, cos you rushed for nothing!

Ok, maybe i’m just pmsing and don;t make sense…but gahhhhh..I’m annoyed right now!


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