The Tudors – A new addiction

Or rather, should i change my topic to Henry Cavill – A new addiction. Maybe its both…or wait i think it’s Tudors addiction as a result of a Cavill addiction – there you go, that sounds more like it.

I love the show, and its just amazing – i think! I feel like i’m reliving those middle school history lessons. Actually Europe in itself is a reliving of the my history lessons, but Tudors more so.

To those of you who haven’t heard of the Tv show, its basically about King Henry VIII. And so yes, considering the fact that he had 6 wives, there are lots of scandals in the movie, and apparently in television, scandals = lots of sex! Within the first 10 mins of the first episode i watched, i was shocked, and left wondering if it was a porn show or a normal Tv series.

But nevertheless, its awesome! And god, Henry Cavill is just soooooooo HOT! I can easily say that he could Wentworth Miller a run for his money!!!

And JRM’s not all that bad either. And his acting is priceless – The role of Henry VIII is just perfect for him! Who cares if he gets arrested for Drunkennes all the time..after all, he IS the King right?

Anyways, i’ve watched 2 whole seasons in a weekend (and believe it or not, the weekend included some travelling too!). Thank god, there’s only 2 seasons to watch. Else i’l be so screwed with my school work!

I should really try to do some work! Sian! But before i end this post, i’ll put up an ad that casts Henry Cavill! Watch it, and fall in love with Henry Cavill!!


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