The kitchen and me…

For the longest time ever, i didn’t want to try my hand at cooking! Except ofcourse for the omelettes and maggi (and well, i don’t think i ever considered that as cooking)…And then there came Home-science classes, where we were made to cook/bake in school! But considering that it was a whole bunch of “always looking for trouble” girls attempting to cook in a kitchen filled with roaches and other such insects, i am sure you know how it would have turned out! oh and not to mention, we never adhered to instructions (unless it was an exam), just so that we could make the teacher look bad:P. But let me not get into school days and the mischief we were upto then…let me get back to the point..

So cooking…yeah! but the main reason was cos i didn’t want others to taste what i had made for the first time ever – obviously for fear of it not tasting good, and so me being labelled a “bad cook”. And so, i always always put off the cooking! But the baking – that was a different story – cos there is always a good recipe with correct amounts of ingredients to follow! And so that i did!

But then, during the gap year after school, i did try my hands at cooking (with mum’s guidance)…and it was not bad at all. but ofcourse, being the lazy ass i am, didn’t do much of a variety…

And then came NUS, where i obviously cooked more…but most of the time the cooking was together with friends (cos i stay in hall)…but over the hols(2 summers, and 2 decembers), i made stuff for myself..and thus became more confident of my cooking..

And over here now, i am even happier cos sometimes, i just whip up something fast with whatever’s at home, and it turns out to be GOOD!!! And i don’t even think when i cook!

So the point of this is that cooking’s not as hard as many perceive it to be. All you need is a little self confidence to get started, and then it’s going to be a helluva fattening kitchen experience!!

And to end off this post, here are 3 photos of stuff that i randomly made, with no idea as to what i was making and how it would turn out when i started:)


1 Comment

  1. Nipuni said,

    October 25, 2008 at 12:54 pm

    I like… u actually took photos?! shower-offer! 😛

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