My Fortress…

When you make a mistake, you take extra care the next time around so that you don’t end up making the same mistake again. At least in most cases.

But, the mistakes i’ve made (yes sometimes, the same ones over and over again), have now left me drowning in a sea of insecurities, those which i can’t seem to be able to get over.

And for some time now, i feel like i’ve been living with a boundary around me…a kind of fortress, which i use to hide inside whenever anyone tries to get too close. Actually, whenever anyone tries to get beyond the “hey, how u doing?” point.

I know i need to get over the past, break down the fortress, and get back to being myself..but i’ve just become too comfy in this little fortress of mine that it seems impossible to do so.

But for now, i only know of one person who maybe able to help me destroy it, and build up myself through  this so called concept of”love”. But i’ve been to inconfident, and too insecure to ask for  you for help. It seems much more easier to just nestle down inside this kind of new comfort hole, and concentrate on my studies and career instead:(


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