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Been wanting to do this for some time now…and started uploading pix a couple of weeks back. There’s not much in there, but i will upload as and when i can. Do enjoy and comment



“celine dion is known in shri lanka right?”

What the Hell? Get out of that freaking close minded box of yours…and look around! May be then you’ll be able to see beyond the “third world country” image you have in your head! Maybe you guys are the backward country after all, cos you are the ones who don’t seem to know what the rest of the world is upto!

All you guys can say is “Business is computers, today!”. But hell, we’ve gotten past understanding that statement ages ago, and moved onto more important aspects today. Once again, i think that spells backwards!

And that’s not all, you even questioned Singapore! Gosh, i am so shocked that you come from a leading developed country, and yet are so totally ignorant!

I’m sorry, when it comes to my country, I can fire up. Patriotism runs in my blood, just like it does in any Sri Lankan. And one day, when peace returns, we will become a country that that people only dreamed of. And for that day Sri Lankans will strive. And when this does happen, i’ll rub it in your face, really really badly!

I love my Sri Lanka!

I need you by my side…

As you paint my face with shades of jealousy and envy,

I get scared, deep inside

I pretend like it doesn’t matter, like i don’t care

But i hope you understand that its all i think about

For the chance of losing you, yet again

Is not something i can handle anymore

I hope and pray, everyday

That it be the truth, and nothing else

Cos i need you by my side.

A dream, a wish, a ray of hope….


I’ll keep waiting…..

Twenty1 on 20one!

It was a dream come true! A magical birthday!

I know, like a lot of people have told me, I’m lucky! Lucky to see all these beautiful places at this age! Lucky to turn 21 on the 21st on the Eiffel! Thank you, God!

And thanks to my parents for being the bestest in the world! I don’t know what i would have done for the past 21 years without them!

And thanks to my friends, for being there whenever i need them!

And thanks to those peeps who spent my birthday with me! U guys rock!

And thanks for all the gifts, the ones mailed from abroad, and the ones i got in Paris!

And thanks for all the smses, the wall posts, emails, and Fb messages!

You guys rock my world! I love you all! Thanks for making my 21st the most memorable one, ever!


Finally heading to the place i’ve most wanted to go to since i can remember!

Leaving in like a couple of mins and still wth?

Anyways, see u all soon!

Wishlists and Birthday presents..

I’ve never put up wishlists…and never really expected birthday presents from anyone…(except my parents ofcourse:P, but that phase is long gone now too).

I know theres’s always something i want to buy, but i never ever feel like putting up a list of things i want.

Ofcourse, this does not mean i don’t like getting gifts..haha…its always nice to receive something from someone…but its just never affected me otherwise when people don’t give me one!

But it definitely affects me when the most important people sometimes don’t remember. Simple sms, phone call or even email definitely puts me in the highest of spirits.

And do you wonder why this post right now? haha, nope, definitely not as a reminder to people! but rather cos i just got a pleasant surprise the other day, and ofcourse, though it does make me happy, i feel very bad about it right now:S

But ofcourse Hasna, that gift with the red bow – i am definitely expecting that ok!!! You know how much i want it:P And u better not fail in getting it to me!


I’ve never really been jealous…

Ok, maybe i have…but not in the bad way! Like i’ve been a bit possessive and jealous of somethings, but its never been in a bad way, and its never affected me or anyone else badly – i hope. I mean, how many relationships suffer cos of jealousy, how many friendships break, how much of evil you get yourself into – and all cos of jealousy!! But, i’ve never really been in any of these circumstances.

But now, a friend just told me he passed off with first class Honors from RI! Made me think…think about my childhood when i would dream, dream of that first class honors.

But now, i know its just a dream, one that will not be realized. First class Hons are are soo faraway from what i can get right now. Just because i messed up one pathetic sem. Just because of the screwed up bell curve. Just because its NUS. Just because just because just because…

And it made me think, if i had the money i would have gone to Australia or UK..or some place other than NUS, where i would not have had to slave so hard, and where the results would have been way better! Even a First class Hons!

And this i think seriously made me jealous! i know, i made it to NUS. Unlike ALOT of people. But all those “ALOT” are graduating classily – while i won’t really be one of those first class holders..:(

Words that make me smile..:)

Sometimes a few words is all it takes – and then from that streams hope, faith, smiles, promises and happiness!

Even though i don’t tell u this often, your words make me smile all the time:D. I’ve never told you this before, but you inspire me. And in all the time i’ve known you and been with you, i’ve never stopped admiring you! I’m really glad you are one of the most important people in my life. Thanks. I love you loads!!!

Just a little less selfish, maybe???

I know i gave everything i could – and i know how genuine i was…

You were never in my position so you would NEVER understand…Its hard when you have to make a choice between the 2 things you desire the most!

If you call me indecisive, take a few moments to step into my shoes and imagine what i was going through..oh wait, i forget – you don’t do that! It’s all about YOU only!

Think practically and reason it out. You know it wasn’t just me!! Hell, it was alot to do with you! If you maybe, just MAYBE, decided to be less selfish, more caring and maybe just listen to me once in a way, and remember that you are not always right, things may have been different!

To my 2 most patient and caring friends of mine (you know who you are) – i knew i promised not to rant about it here, but i HAD to. I know you will understand. I’m sorry. But i love you both to bits!

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