Just a little less selfish, maybe???

I know i gave everything i could – and i know how genuine i was…

You were never in my position so you would NEVER understand…Its hard when you have to make a choice between the 2 things you desire the most!

If you call me indecisive, take a few moments to step into my shoes and imagine what i was going through..oh wait, i forget – you don’t do that! It’s all about YOU only!

Think practically and reason it out. You know it wasn’t just me!! Hell, it was alot to do with you! If you maybe, just MAYBE, decided to be less selfish, more caring and maybe just listen to me once in a way, and remember that you are not always right, things may have been different!

To my 2 most patient and caring friends of mine (you know who you are) – i knew i promised not to rant about it here, but i HAD to. I know you will understand. I’m sorry. But i love you both to bits!


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