I’ve never really been jealous…

Ok, maybe i have…but not in the bad way! Like i’ve been a bit possessive and jealous of somethings, but its never been in a bad way, and its never affected me or anyone else badly – i hope. I mean, how many relationships suffer cos of jealousy, how many friendships break, how much of evil you get yourself into – and all cos of jealousy!! But, i’ve never really been in any of these circumstances.

But now, a friend just told me he passed off with first class Honors from RI! Made me think…think about my childhood when i would dream, dream of that first class honors.

But now, i know its just a dream, one that will not be realized. First class Hons are are soo faraway from what i can get right now. Just because i messed up one pathetic sem. Just because of the screwed up bell curve. Just because its NUS. Just because just because just because…

And it made me think, if i had the money i would have gone to Australia or UK..or some place other than NUS, where i would not have had to slave so hard, and where the results would have been way better! Even a First class Hons!

And this i think seriously made me jealous! i know, i made it to NUS. Unlike ALOT of people. But all those “ALOT” are graduating classily – while i won’t really be one of those first class holders..:(


1 Comment

  1. shoutyourlove said,

    November 15, 2008 at 2:03 pm

    cheer up nithis!

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