Wishlists and Birthday presents..

I’ve never put up wishlists…and never really expected birthday presents from anyone…(except my parents ofcourse:P, but that phase is long gone now too).

I know theres’s always something i want to buy, but i never ever feel like putting up a list of things i want.

Ofcourse, this does not mean i don’t like getting gifts..haha…its always nice to receive something from someone…but its just never affected me otherwise when people don’t give me one!

But it definitely affects me when the most important people sometimes don’t remember. Simple sms, phone call or even email definitely puts me in the highest of spirits.

And do you wonder why this post right now? haha, nope, definitely not as a reminder to people! but rather cos i just got a pleasant surprise the other day, and ofcourse, though it does make me happy, i feel very bad about it right now:S

But ofcourse Hasna, that gift with the red bow – i am definitely expecting that ok!!! You know how much i want it:P And u better not fail in getting it to me!


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