“celine dion is known in shri lanka right?”

What the Hell? Get out of that freaking close minded box of yours…and look around! May be then you’ll be able to see beyond the “third world country” image you have in your head! Maybe you guys are the backward country after all, cos you are the ones who don’t seem to know what the rest of the world is upto!

All you guys can say is “Business is computers, today!”. But hell, we’ve gotten past understanding that statement ages ago, and moved onto more important aspects today. Once again, i think that spells backwards!

And that’s not all, you even questioned Singapore! Gosh, i am so shocked that you come from a leading developed country, and yet are so totally ignorant!

I’m sorry, when it comes to my country, I can fire up. Patriotism runs in my blood, just like it does in any Sri Lankan. And one day, when peace returns, we will become a country that that people only dreamed of. And for that day Sri Lankans will strive. And when this does happen, i’ll rub it in your face, really really badly!

I love my Sri Lanka!


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