Happy New Year

The end of the year definitely calls for a good round up post, but the past few days have been crazy, with all thre travelling, and friends visiting me in Budapest. In addition, evil little writer’s block has caught up on me!

So i’ll save up that post for later, and now just wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR! Have an awsome day and a blast of a new year ahead, filled with all sorts of success and prosperity!

Love you guys!


I would think an explanation is needed, or at least a few words of comfort, but nothing has come my way. Its alright i guess. At least, it helps me in my thinking that all’s for the best.

Anyways, I had my last exam in Corvinus Today. Back to NUS style next sem!

Jetting off to Prague early morn at 7am, and gonna head to Morrisons later. Still need to pack, and organize..

Will i survive?

Sad, and Pissed!

I’m sad and pissed off. I’m supposed to be studying, but i can’t concentrate, so i decided to vent i shall.

Sad – of course, cos its my last week at Corvinus, and all these lovely people will soon be thousands of miles, and many seas away from me. I was going to post up my FB note here, but i think now i will just give you a link to this note, and you can read it there, if you are my friend on FB, that is…

So here it is Every beginning comes from another beginning’s end…

Anyways, apart from that, I am sad for another reason. We got our accommodation offers for next sem today. I knew, right from the moment that I decided to go on exchange that my chances of getting back into Sheares were not high. And after i got to Budapest, i actually realized that my chances were actually negligible, cos i heard that there were no girls leaving from Block B, and of course, cos i couldn’t commit to A lot of hall stuff.

But now that its confirmed i won’t be in Sheares anymore, its sad. Sad cos of B7P. I love those girls, and they are the ones who made Sheares what it has been to me – home away from home. Its going to be hard not living in a familiar environment with people who i can actually recognize, and have a decent conversation with. Its giong to be hard not knowing almost everything and everyone where i live. Its going to be hard not having catered meals. But most of all, its going to be hard not having B7p with me.

And damnit, i got freaking RVR, not even PGP, which makes the distance further. But oh well, at least lasanthi is also going to be in RVR, and atleast I can access all other blocks (unlike PGP). And well, i guess exchange has taught me to live in the most unfamiliar of circumstances. And there’s no choice, i have to get used to it.

Moving on, the pissed off part. Ok, so here i am all happy and surprised that i got 84 for my marketing research exam! And then at the end of the class he tells us that International students have to get higher marks to get the same grade as Hungarian students!?!?!?!?!!!??!?! WTF seriously? I get 84, and i get a C, cos its about 85 thats a B!! But Hungarians get a B with 84???!?!?!!? OK, so yes i don;t have to get worked up cos all i need to do is pass, and i’ve done that damn well….but WTF? 84 and a B cos i’m not hungarian!

Gahhhhh! these things keep running in my mind stopping me from studying!! gah gah gah! ok should attempt to study again!

Hello Metabolism

Its exam time now…and in just about a week’s time, i’ll be done with them, and will be welcoming the festive season from the bottom of my stomach heart!

So dearest hormones, organs, and what ever else that’s involved in my metabolism…Do u hear me? I neeedd you’ll to start moivng much much faster, cos the good sinful food’s on its way! and i wanna make the most out of it, without getting any fatterrrr!!!

I’ll keep cheering you on, and all u have to do gain speed and momentum! Go Metabolism!!!!!!

I love you:)

I’ve wanted to do this for some time, but what better time to do this than now when i have 5 finals, 2 projects, 2 presentations, 2 quizzes, and 2 assignments to be completed in a span of 2 weeks…Procrastination dominates my life…

Anyways, there are some people in my life – the people who fill my life with love and meaning..and this post goes out to all of you, with a big hug and thank you all the way from Budapest. (it was initially supposed to be a post-birthday post, but i guess if its too late for that, it can now count as a end of the year “thank-you” post:))

MC and Mathieu – My flatmates over here. Living with others is one of the hardest things ever. Especially for a person like me, who needs a lot of personal space. But you guys are great! I know we may have our minor issues with each other, but I’m definitely happy to have you both as my house-ies. I couldn’t have asked for anyone else to live with here. I’m gonna miss you both the most when i go back to Singapore.

Marie-Chantal and Mathieu
Marie-Chantal and Mathieu

Dhara, Thims, Chani and Ren – Physical distance has definitely brought about a gap between us. But yet, whenever anything comes up, we still look for each other to talk. Even if that means a FB message that only gets a reply 3 weeks later.  But I want to let you guys know that i’ll always be here you if you need me:). Love u girls very much:)



Damitha Ayya and Mili Betta – The two of you are 2 people i am realy glad to have been able to get to know so well. There has never been any denying of help when i needed it from both of you. Damitha ayya – the ever patient listener, and despite all the stories and what not going on, he has continued to stick through, and advise and listen to me. Mili -He is one of the most sensible people around here, and knows so much about my background, that he is the one i can turn to when it comes to alot of things. And he knows the best answer, most of the time. Thanks to the both of you:)

B7P + 2 –  What would hall be without you guys? But it’s not just that. You’ve supported and helped me through alot of things, especially Hall stuff. You guys have been great listeners. And great people when i need to vent out my frustrations. And, Singapore would not be Singapore without you all. I’m really glad to have found you guys in a land faraway from home. Merci beaucoup! I l Miss you guys loads! And i book you guys for dinner the first weekend after school starts (Yen will be back then too!)

Cannot find one with Man!

Cannot find one with Man!

Hesh, Hash, Dilesh, Thora – NUS will not be bearable without you all. Thanks for sticking with me through the good times and the bad. Next sem, let’s make up for this lost sem by having more bitching, dissing and bugging sessions, cos those really help you through the toughest times at NUS. I luf u all. The Order rocks!

Luf u all!

Luf u all!

Lasanthi – We’ve only known each other for about 5 years now…but over the last 2.5 years, she’s grown to be one of my best buddies. A sensible, calm and reliable girl, who is ever ready to lend a shoulder. So far, Singapore’s been one of the toughest (if not THE toughest) times in my life – academic, and otherwise – and it really means alot to me to have some one like you by my side. We’ve taken the same courses, interned at the same places, taken over Europe together, and damnit, even slept together on the same bed. And through it all, there’s just one thing i have to say – Babe, you are an awesome friend to have. Thanks. Luf you loads.

One of a gazillion pix we may have together;)

One of a gazillion pix we may have together;)

Rishan – My Singpore Partner, and driver. I have no words to say how thankful I am to be your friend. You are easily the one i have tortured the most with all my stories and problems. But you’ve always always listened. Always helped. Always cheered me up. No matter what the circumstance, or how busy you are, or how bored you are. And Singapore/Genting – I won’t even talk about it! And then, somewhere inbetween, the Hugs come into the picture. Cos there’s no better medication for anything other than Rishan’s hugs;). All i can say to you, is “Thank you sweetie”, and hope that you understand that though it’s just a simple word, it comes from the bottom of my heart:)


:D:D Huggssss, and miss u!

Hasna – the one who’s been there from the time having a friend really began to matter. She comes up with the most random and hilarious stuff, bringing a smile to my face all the time. And even when she is pissed or feeling down, she still makes me smile. I can always always count on her for anything, and girl, the other way round applies too. Thanks for listening to me whenever i feel like complaining, or whenever i talk about “people”. I love u loads.

awww...Niths misses u loads and loads! Love u!
awww…Niths misses u loads and loads! Love u!

Vicky – It’s even weird to call you by that name anymore…It’s my patented Vix that sounds right now:). I have no words for you. I’ve bugged you, annoyed you, used the “phone” a bit too many times dialing that number of yours, and most of all, bored you with my continous chatter. But you’ve been the best. At my most needed times, u’ve been there. Your words always give me the courage to get up, and walk again. Your will, and determination inspire me the most. Your talents awe me. You know more about me than anyone else does, and i know that you’ll always be there for me – well if not, i demand it. And in return, i’l always be there, loving you as i always have. Thank-you, dear Kangaroo (haha that rhymes)

) love u!

one of my all time favorites:) love u!

And to those who i may have carelessly missed out on this post, i love u all loads too! And thanks for being a part of my life;)

Is exchange only about parties?

Yes, thats the question. And very easily, the answer for me is NO.

Maybe some think I’m boring or weird for this reason, but i still stand by this.

I love to go clubbing, but its something i do once in a way – maybe once a month or so. Do it every week, and the novely wears off. Remember, the concept of diminishing marginal returns. Yes thats what it is.

In addition, i’m here in Europe to travel. Why waste my money on cover charges, and drinks in a club, when i can use that money to travel? Plus, why harm your health by boozing more, and sleeping late?

Plus, for me, i think its all about the travelling, seeing new places, meeting new people, taking a break from proper school, and even, get in contact with friends from all over the world. Because in NUS, i can’t do this.

And yes, maybe you do meet new people at a club, but how many of those new people do you actually remember when you are back home the next day? Not many, right?

This does not mean i am against those people who do go clubbing every night. Its just not my thing:). I enjoy myself with all the travelling i am doing, and the not-so-frequent-as-others parties that i attend anyway.

And i’ve loved every moment of my exchange. And i know that the one month i have left is going to be the best so far. Thanks to all those lovely people i’ve met here who’ve made my stay so great!

Searching for inspiration…

Its the last 2 weeks of the semester, and as always, the most hectic of the lot. And it’s especially so given that previously priority was given to travelling, exploring, slacking and basically everything other than school.

And now, there’s soooo much to do in just 2 weeks. If i make it through, i can definitely be proud of myself.

But to get through, i need inspiration. And the one who always inspires is hardly contactble these days, given his work schedule, and our time difference. His will power, his determination, and his words never fail to inspire me.

I guess for now i’ll just have to keeo reading the loads of his messages i currently have, and hope for a skype conversation this weekend.

I put my music on shuffle and guess what the first song to play was??


Sometimes i really think my MAC is psychic and knows what song i want to listen to:)

Don’t define me by what you don’t even know…

Why do I have to be defined by something that took place years ago.? As someone of your age and experience, you sure know what it was like to be my age then.

So why all the talk now? Why all the bad mouthing, all the bitching, all the “creating stories”? Why? And you don’t even know anything that happened then, or now, or in between.

Totally out of hand, totally insulting and totally messed up. Hate it when people do this –  pull in others, and just defame them just so that they could go up a notch higher in their ranking, and just so that they could distract attention from themselves.

Seriously, more than being hurt by this, I am scared. Cos now i realize what my parents keep re-emphasizing. And although, its not something that takes so long to realize, i never really believed them, cos i’ve always believed “the world is a nice place to live in. My friends and close ones will always be good to me.”

Sometimes, i think i’m a total idiot for such thinking.

But nevermind, i will brave this, for i know it’s not the truth. For i know that the one who believes that it’s not the truth, is the one who matters.

Tropical girl? Think again…

At 9:30 a.m today when i was walking to school, the temperature was like 3degrees celcius, and there was wind too. I was wearing my trench, not my Puffy jacket, and i didn’t feel cold, at all. EMphasis on NOT AT ALL!

Later in the afternoon, at about 3, i went to buy groceries and it was like 8degrees celcius, and i was hot and sweating!

WTH is happening to the tropical girl i am supposed to be? Darn, the first few days in Singapore are going to be horribly HOT!