Don’t define me by what you don’t even know…

Why do I have to be defined by something that took place years ago.? As someone of your age and experience, you sure know what it was like to be my age then.

So why all the talk now? Why all the bad mouthing, all the bitching, all the “creating stories”? Why? And you don’t even know anything that happened then, or now, or in between.

Totally out of hand, totally insulting and totally messed up. Hate it when people do this –  pull in others, and just defame them just so that they could go up a notch higher in their ranking, and just so that they could distract attention from themselves.

Seriously, more than being hurt by this, I am scared. Cos now i realize what my parents keep re-emphasizing. And although, its not something that takes so long to realize, i never really believed them, cos i’ve always believed “the world is a nice place to live in. My friends and close ones will always be good to me.”

Sometimes, i think i’m a total idiot for such thinking.

But nevermind, i will brave this, for i know it’s not the truth. For i know that the one who believes that it’s not the truth, is the one who matters.


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