Is exchange only about parties?

Yes, thats the question. And very easily, the answer for me is NO.

Maybe some think I’m boring or weird for this reason, but i still stand by this.

I love to go clubbing, but its something i do once in a way – maybe once a month or so. Do it every week, and the novely wears off. Remember, the concept of diminishing marginal returns. Yes thats what it is.

In addition, i’m here in Europe to travel. Why waste my money on cover charges, and drinks in a club, when i can use that money to travel? Plus, why harm your health by boozing more, and sleeping late?

Plus, for me, i think its all about the travelling, seeing new places, meeting new people, taking a break from proper school, and even, get in contact with friends from all over the world. Because in NUS, i can’t do this.

And yes, maybe you do meet new people at a club, but how many of those new people do you actually remember when you are back home the next day? Not many, right?

This does not mean i am against those people who do go clubbing every night. Its just not my thing:). I enjoy myself with all the travelling i am doing, and the not-so-frequent-as-others parties that i attend anyway.

And i’ve loved every moment of my exchange. And i know that the one month i have left is going to be the best so far. Thanks to all those lovely people i’ve met here who’ve made my stay so great!


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