Sad, and Pissed!

I’m sad and pissed off. I’m supposed to be studying, but i can’t concentrate, so i decided to vent i shall.

Sad – of course, cos its my last week at Corvinus, and all these lovely people will soon be thousands of miles, and many seas away from me. I was going to post up my FB note here, but i think now i will just give you a link to this note, and you can read it there, if you are my friend on FB, that is…

So here it is Every beginning comes from another beginning’s end…

Anyways, apart from that, I am sad for another reason. We got our accommodation offers for next sem today. I knew, right from the moment that I decided to go on exchange that my chances of getting back into Sheares were not high. And after i got to Budapest, i actually realized that my chances were actually negligible, cos i heard that there were no girls leaving from Block B, and of course, cos i couldn’t commit to A lot of hall stuff.

But now that its confirmed i won’t be in Sheares anymore, its sad. Sad cos of B7P. I love those girls, and they are the ones who made Sheares what it has been to me – home away from home. Its going to be hard not living in a familiar environment with people who i can actually recognize, and have a decent conversation with. Its giong to be hard not knowing almost everything and everyone where i live. Its going to be hard not having catered meals. But most of all, its going to be hard not having B7p with me.

And damnit, i got freaking RVR, not even PGP, which makes the distance further. But oh well, at least lasanthi is also going to be in RVR, and atleast I can access all other blocks (unlike PGP). And well, i guess exchange has taught me to live in the most unfamiliar of circumstances. And there’s no choice, i have to get used to it.

Moving on, the pissed off part. Ok, so here i am all happy and surprised that i got 84 for my marketing research exam! And then at the end of the class he tells us that International students have to get higher marks to get the same grade as Hungarian students!?!?!?!?!!!??!?! WTF seriously? I get 84, and i get a C, cos its about 85 thats a B!! But Hungarians get a B with 84???!?!?!!? OK, so yes i don;t have to get worked up cos all i need to do is pass, and i’ve done that damn well….but WTF? 84 and a B cos i’m not hungarian!

Gahhhhh! these things keep running in my mind stopping me from studying!! gah gah gah! ok should attempt to study again!


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