Avoidance and Ignorance

Today over lunch with a friend, the conversation somehow turned to Ex’s. She told me how her Ex wasn’t talking to her anymore cos supposedly it was too painful for him to see her with another guy. Part of this story sounded familiar. We didn’t linger too much on the topic.

But its something thats been on my mind for some time now.

Everything seemed alright. All sorts of assistance was given. Even tips on the semester abroad. And then suddenly, you find yourself deleted from the FB friends’ list. You find there are no more conversations. You find all means of communication have been disabled.

And then you think to yourself that maybe avoidance is a way for them to get over things. But then, another part of yourself asks you, “Why the sudden avoidance? Why not from the beginning”. And the only plausible answer becomes “Just because you are best source of information. Once all information is gathered, throw it away”. No i do not want to have that opinion, but i can’t seem to come to any other conclusion.

Yes, maybe avoidance is understandable. I guess it would be impossible for 2 ex’s to be best of friends, especially if one of them has already found another partner. But i don’t understand why they can’t be friends. Unless of course, one person did something awfully horrible to hurt the other person. So maybe, you would like to avoid unnecessary conversations with the person. But you do not have to ignore the person completely and not give the person even slight acknowledgement right?

With so many mutual friends, and with living in the same bloody residence on campus it is impossible to avoid. And when it is so, ignorance does not work. It’s just awkward, and weird. Especially when amongst a group of friends. And they know it. And they still continue to do it, provoking stories and dinner conversations for other people.


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