Because its all that matters…

I’m writing this post int he midst of doing my assignment which I am not even halfway through. And nope, this time around, its not procrastination that has made me pen down a few thoughts. It is rather the fact that i can’t concentrate properly cos the “issue” keeps me from doing so.

I have tried. No, i really have. And recently I gave up trying because i knew that if I couldn’t succeed over so many years, there has to be some meaning to it. And I know there is.

But all other things in between, things that seem to have influenced us in some way, seem to have a bigger bearing. When it is not supposed to be so. Past experiences are to teach. To learn. But you do not have to base all your future actions on that.

Because you should not be scared to take up this challenge. Because you know that you want to, but fear and guilt is just stopping you. Because you know that we deserve this chance. Because I know that we can make this work.

Because we still do. And thats all that matters.


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