The hardest part about growing up is making your own decisions. And thats the part i hate the most about growing up. Especially now that i’m faced with some of the toughest decisions ever!!

I wonder why its always easy for me to guide someone else in their decision making process, but never be able to make my own. Why i can always firmly tell my group mates the better choice, but why i can’t figure it out when it comes to something to do with just myself!

Even my MAPP counsellor told me that i should go into consultancy or counselling simply because i’m good at helping others and guiding them with their decisions and choices.

But right now, I’m depressed at having to make this choice.

Over the last few days, I decided:

  1. Not to move back into hall. Reasons ? Wel, i just read through the blogpost below a few times, and the decision was made easier.
  2. I’ve decided to wait longer to talk to him about it, and to find out whats bothering him the most. And then to persuade him.

And now I’m stuck with a life changing decision. I love them to bits, but at times, our thought patterns just don’t intersect. I’ve deviated from mine ALOT just to accommodate some of theirs, BUT, they refuse to even budge an inch from theirs. And now i really don’t know how to decide. I really want to do it, but they really don’t want me to! 😦


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