Cos i love u ever so much…

When i got together with you, i knew that our relationship was not going to be a permanently long lasting one. I knew that few months down the line, you and i would have to go our separate ways.

And so i knew that i should never fall in love with you.

But you were just too amazing. Day by day, i just kept falling more and more in love with you.

The days spent with you were amazing, the nights even more so.And when i think of the way you held me in your arms and gave me a reason to smile, i find myself tearing now.

I should not have had so much fun with you, and fallen in love with you ever so much.

Because right now, the amount i miss you is just too much to even bear.

Oh, Budapest, I love you ever so much, and miss you tonnes! It’s not fair that you do this to me!:(


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