High on Oscars, dinner conversations and taxi rides..

When i watched it, there was lots of hype about it. But not as much as after i watched it. Cos it started bagging award after award only after we watched it. And to sum up the movie in a few words is impossible. It is one of the most amazing movies i’ve watched. And no, I’m not biased because of A.R.Rahman, or because of darling lil Dev Patel. It’s just one of those movies that somehow make you just feel all amazed and awed.

And 8 Oscars it stole…and this time around, the Oscars were very tightly competed too…I mean the movies nominated were downright amazing ones….and Slumdog managed to grab 8! Woots i’m blown away!


And then, Hugh Jackman! Ahhh..sexiness personified! *droooooooooole*.


And A.R. Rahman – talent personified!! I love the man and his music. Best ever music director!!!


As you can see, I was hyper on the oscars in the morning…

And then a dinner date with 2 girls in lil India followed. Awesome food, nostalgic music, and haha..awesome awesome dinner conversations followed by a weird and confusing nevertheless enjoyable taxi ride just elevated the hype!!!

Ahhh.recess week should never end:P


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